Canada’s economic future is tied to the idea that everyone can succeed and thrive. Yet too many people—from low-income households to newcomers and Indigenous peoples—still face significant barriers to success.

Municipalities play leadership roles in settling immigrants and refugees, in reducing poverty, and in fostering reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. We advocate for federal policies that promote inclusion, such as affordable housing and anti-homelessness strategies. Our programs help build stronger economic partnerships between municipalities and First Nations, and work to increase women’s participation in local government.

Building a stronger Canada means ensuring that everyone has opportunities to succeed in cities and communities of every size.

United Nations target for representation of women in politics
renters spending more than half their income on housing
Canadian communities that have welcomed Syrian refugees
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Housing is the bedrock of livable and prosperous communities. We advocate for action on social and affordable housing so all Canadians have a decent place to call home.

Indigenous partnerships

Partnership and reconciliation are key to strengthening Canada’s relationship with Indigenous communities. We work to create positive opportunities for Indigenous-municipal collaboration.
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