Strengthening Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples requires a long-term, national effort from all orders of government. Municipal leaders are doing their part to foster reconciliation while building respectful new partnerships with Indigenous communities.

FCM works with Indigenous organizations to increase collaboration between First Nations communities and neighbouring municipalities. Our Community Economic Development Initiative helps create joint economic development and land management partnerships to boost prosperity and create stronger nation-to-nation relationships. Across the country, city and town councils are taking the lead in implementing the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation commission.

Local governments know that tomorrow’s Canada must unfold at a four-cornered table—with federal and provincial/territorial governments, alongside municipalities and Indigenous communities as equal partners. It’s the only way to truly unlock our potential as a country.

FCM launches Pathways to Reconciliation in response to the TRC calls to action
partnerships created through FCM’s Community Economic Development Initiative
Indigenous growth rate in Canada, compared to the non-Indigenous population
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Inclusive communities

Canada works better when everyone can achieve their potential. We help build inclusive communities that ease the economic and social barriers people face in their everyday lives.
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