In Latin America, local governments don’t often reap the financial rewards of mining activities in their own communities. Still, they are on the front lines of addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges that result from those activities. This program helped them use their mining income to benefit everyone in their communities and plan for the future.

Many local governments in Canada know what it’s like to have communities near resource-related industry. Our municipal experts come from those communities, and are sharing what they've learned about managing economic development and environmental sustainability.

This is an approach that FCM has used throughout the CISAL project with regional and national governments, with NGOs, academia, and mining companies. Empowering local governments as development institutions has helped them to better address the needs of their communities.

After CISAL, local governments are better equipped with the capacity to plan in a participatory, strategic, and inclusive manner and grow the local economy led by the municipality. Together, with their communities, local governments now lead the change that their citizens need.

mining companies investing in local projects
businesses and social projects funded
Canadian municipal experts in the program
invested in small business and social projects
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