Participate in FCM's elections and attend the Annual General Meeting. Get information about running as a candidate, registration, voting and more.

Our Board of Directors is 74 members strong, with elected representatives from coast to coast to coast. They give local priorities a voice at the national level. Eligible member municipal leaders are invited to get involved.

Each year, FCM members participate in a democratic process to elect the Board. This year, members will once again vote for Table Officers and Directors during our Annual Conference and Trade Show, and will be invited to ratify the election winners at the AGM in accordance with the Not-for-Profit Act.

Key voting milestones

Table Officers election, June 9 
Vote to elect FCM’s President as well as the First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents.

Directors election, June 9
Vote to elect the Directors who represent your province on the Board. Note that the Territories and New Brunswick do not participate in the Director elections. Their provincial and territorial associations (PTAs) appoint representatives whose names are put forward for ratification at the AGM.

Annual General Meeting, June 9
Accredited delegates are invited to ratify the election winners and appointees. The results are made available live.

We look forward to offering you an innovative, and engaging conference and election process.

Register for the conference and vote

Only accredited representatives—FCM members who attend the Annual Conference—may participate in the elections process and AGM. Find out whether you’re eligible, how to register and how to vote.

Meet your candidates

Who’s running to represent you this year? Read their bios, watch videos and attend events to learn more about the Table Officer and Director candidates.

Run and vote
Run as a candidate

Are you deeply invested in the municipal issues that are important to FCM members? Help FCM priorities thrive on a national scale — serve on the Board. This is where your journey begins ...

Calendar of events

Mark the key dates in your 2024 elections process so you don’t miss out!

FCM by-laws

These rules guide our organization, including many aspects of the election process.

Elections policy

Read the policy that shapes our election process, including campaign guidelines.

Chief Elections Officer

The Chief Elections Officer is responsible for the fair and proper conduct of elections and will ensure the Board and Officer election processes are carried out in accordance with FCM’s Bylaws and approved Election Policy.

Contact Atul Kapur, MD, CPP-T, PRP

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