Books for the Book legacy project

Canada by the Book is a legacy project started in 2013 which consists of donating books to a public library or school in the host city where FCM Board Meetings are held.

The initiative’s goal is to foster a broader insight into life in different communities among young readers across Canada. Canada by the Book delivers an ever-expanding and readable legacy of different community realities—including those diverse cities, towns and regions where FCM comes together.

At every board meeting, FCM Directors and Committee members are invited to bring a children’s book written by an author from their own community, or nearby. Their generous contribution is then donated to the chosen public institution by the host municipality.

Additionally, Canada by the Book is held during FCM’s Annual Conference and Trade Show, with the collected book bundle offered as a Trade Show draw prize.

Since the start of the project, FCM members have donated over 1300 children’s books―valued at almost $20,000― in both official languages to libraries in communities across the country.

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