Businesses rely on broadband Internet to innovate, compete and grow. Canadians rely on it to support their quality of life, from health care to education to public safety. Yet at least two million Canadians still don't have reliable, affordable Internet access. Most of them live in rural, remote, and northern communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the unequal access to broadband across Canada and brought home the urgency of closing Canada’s digital divide. It has never been clearer that fast and reliable broadband Internet is essential to our daily lives. It’s about building an inclusive economy for all Canadians.

Having a dependable Internet connection means students can access education, and entrepreneurs can sell their products globally. It means doctors can access patient records, farmers can find real-time data, municipalities can serve residents better—and communities can reach their potential.

Municipalities have welcomed recent federal investments broadband infrastructure, including the historic Universal Broadband Fund. Now we need to ensure these investments drive results for people on the ground—quickly.

Canadians who can’t access a reliable Internet connection
rural communities that report no access to 20-50 Mbps download speeds
rural households that report no access to 5 Mbps download speeds
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Local governments own approximately 60 percent of the public infrastructure that supports our economy and quality of life. Through advocacy and support, we help them build a stronger Canada.

Rural, northern and remote

Rural, northern and remote communities are integral to Canada’s economy and quality of life. With our advocacy and support, their local governments are building a brighter future.
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