It's tough to make decisions about maintaining, replacing and repairing municipal infrastructure. You have to weigh your community's budgetary needs against critical services such as roads, arenas, bridges, drinking water and wastewater systems.

To make good decisions, you need accurate data. You also need to know how your community may grow and how changing weather patterns could affect your assets. We can show you how to gather that data and make solid asset-related decisions.

We do that by focusing on four areas:

  • Getting municipalities to use good asset management practices.
  • Supporting training and workshops in your community.
  • Helping you plan for and conduct data collection and analysis.
  • Gathering and sharing your knowledge and lessons learned.

Asset management helps communities like yours manage municipal infrastructure assets and make better investment decisions. It also helps you reduce risks so you can provide reliable and affordable services and a high quality of life to your residents.

Make use of our training and resources and access great lessons learned from communities across Canada. Note that we offer partner grants to non-municipal organizations that help FCM implement programs, create resources, or offer training or information-sharing activities related to asset management.

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municipal asset management projects
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partner training events and workshops
Check out MAMP partners and training
Learn more about what our existing partner organizations are doing to help municipalities gain asset management knowledge and skills.
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Online asset management training

Improve your asset management knowledge and skills by enrolling in an online course offered by one of FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program’s partners.

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Partners offering training

Learn about FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program’s partner organizations and the types of training they are offering across the country.

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Asset management training

Sign up today for one of the training opportunities listed below. There are national and local events tailored to meet your community’s needs.

Featured resources
See featured resources related to FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program.
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How to implement asset management in your municipality

Discover how to make asset management practices a part of your municipality’s daily business decision-making framework. Learn from a video, case study and checklist, developed to support your municipality. 

Tips for working with an asset management consultant

Is your municipality thinking of hiring an asset management consultant? Discover tips that help you avoid challenges, get the most value and articulate what you need to make your project a success.

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Tools: Operations and maintenance for climate resilience

Learn strategies to improve your community’s climate resilience through your existing assets and programs. Check out our handbook, worksheet and factsheets. 

Tool: Asset management readiness scale

Use our Asset Management Readiness Scale to assess your municipality's asset management practices and identify areas for improvement to help you advance.

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Asset management resource library

We've gathered resources to explain infrastructure planning and asset management, and listed sources of training, conferences and more. Take a look!

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Asset management resources for beginners

Check out these beginner asset management resources from across the country.

Asset management insights
Read these web-based reports to learn about the progress being achieved by Canadian municipalities with the help of FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program. Each report includes examples of what communities are doing to improve their decision-making on infrastructure as well as information on tools communities can use to better manage their assets.
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Asset management insights: Municipal collaboration

Learn how municipalities are making the most of their asset management funding and training through collaboration. Read our report and watch our videos to hear how your community can achieve better outcomes from collaborating.  

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Asset management insights: People and leadership

How are municipalities showing their commitment to asset management in their communities? Discover the ways and learn about their dedication to best practices in our Insights. You’ll find stats, case studies and resources you can use.

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Asset management insights: policy and governance

Discover Insights about how Canadian municipalities are integrating infrastructure asset management into their policy and governance activities. See key stats and lessons learned from communities and our program.

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Asset management insights: Data and information

Explore Insights about how communities across Canada are collecting and using data to inform their infrastructure decisions. Discover lessons learned and key stats from communities and our program.

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Asset management insights: Planning and decision-making

Curious about how Canadian municipalities are integrating infrastructure asset management planning into their financial management practices? Read our Insights to discover new stats, case studies and resources.

Climate and asset management
Discover ways to integrate climate considerations into your community’s asset management approach.
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Tools: Operations and maintenance for climate resilience

Learn strategies to improve your community’s climate resilience through your existing assets and programs. Check out our handbook, worksheet and factsheets. 

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Learning journey: Climate resilience and asset management

Discover how your community can combine its climate action and asset management approaches, with our learning journey. Watch a video and read our easy-to-understand factsheets and guide. 

Asset management resource library

Check out our curated collection of guides, case studies, templates and more, all aimed at helping you implement good asset management practices.

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Video series: Climate resilience and asset management

Watch this video series to learn how municipalities across Canada are making climate action a part of their municipal asset management practices and decision-making.

Community planners hover over a plan.
Integrating Climate Considerations: Community planning

Is your municipality updating or renewing its community plan? Check out this page to learn what climate considerations you should be integrating in your planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan.

Staff sitting around a computer talking about a project.
Integrating Climate Considerations: Service delivery planning

Is your municipality reviewing its service delivery planning? This page can help you discover climate considerations you should be integrating in your service delivery planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan.

Road resurfacing.
Integrating Climate Considerations: Governance and operations

Municipal day-to-day operations need to integrate climate change data and considerations. Read this page to learn questions and tools that can help you take climate action in your community.

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This eight-year, $110-million program is funded by the Government of Canada. It’s being implemented in partnership with municipal, provincial and territorial associations and other key stakeholders.

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