Municipalities are on the front lines of climate change. From forest fires to ice storms to flooding, cities and communities are where the economic and human costs of global warming hit hardest. They’re also where you’ll find some of Canada’s most innovative green solutions.

We empower local sustainability leaders in important ways. On Parliament Hill, we advocate for green disaster mitigation and adaptation investments, as well as investments in resilient natural and built infrastructure to support local climate action. Across the country, our Green Municipal Fund, Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program and Partners for Climate Protection program have provided critical funding, training and resources to help municipalities become more sustainable and adapt to new weather extremes. But more needs to be done.

Climate change is the single biggest challenge of our time. With municipalities influencing roughly half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, it's essential to scale up local solutions to transition to a resilient low-carbon future by 2050. Together, we can build a greener and more prosperous Canada—one community at a time.

tonnes of GHG emission reductions achieved by FCM’s Green Municipal Fund
GHG emissions in Canada that municipalities have influence over
avoided costs for every $1B invested in disaster mitigation
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Local governments own approximately 60 percent of the public infrastructure that supports our economy and quality of life. Through advocacy and support, we help them build a stronger Canada.

Public transit

Public transit is the backbone of livable, competitive and sustainable cities. We're shaping groundbreaking federal investments to kick-start the next era of world-class public transit in Canada.

Rural, northern and remote

Rural, northern and remote communities are integral to Canada’s economy and quality of life. With our advocacy and support, their local governments are building a brighter future.
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Green Municipal Fund

We bring local sustainability projects to life—and help build better lives for Canadians.
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