The legalization of non-medical cannabis across Canada presents challenges for all orders of government.

Local governments are on the front lines in communities where cannabis products are legally produced, sold and consumed. For them, cannabis legalization means new bylaws and processes for local police and up to 17 other departments. Their new responsibilities span land zoning, business licensing and responding to nuisance complaints—all of which come with new costs.

We support municipalities like yours with planning tools to help you adapt municipal operations to this new reality. We also advocate federally for the financial tools necessary to get implementation right. It's an opportunity to modernize how governments work together to keep Canadians safe and well served.

Up to 17
municipal departments impacted by legalization
annual costs for local governments from legalization
federal excise tax revenue earmarked to support local costs
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Public safety

Municipalities help keep Canadians safe and secure. We work to ensure that they have the right tools to protect Canadians from crime, health risks and emergencies.
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