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The COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations directly funds cities and communities to support vulnerable populations struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Made possible by an unprecedented $10 million philanthropic donation from the CMA Foundation, it empowers municipalities across Canada to better reach, protect and assist the most vulnerable among us—including those experiencing homelessness or grappling with mental health and substance use challenges.

FCM is supporting the CMA Foundation with the delivery of this initiative by providing expertise on community needs and engaging recipients. This joint effort by two of Canada’s largest membership organizations saves lives and helps to keep those needing medical assistance out of emergency rooms and community health centres.

The COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations directs allocations to communities with homeless populations according to needs, based on the Designated Communities and Indigenous Homelessness Streams of the federal Reaching Home program for homelessness interventions.   

Eligible communities were contacted by FCM, on behalf of the CMA Foundation, regarding their allocations and funding details. See the list here.

Purpose of the funds

The COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations was designed to support a range of activities:  

  • Health and medical services
  • Daytime services / facilities
  • Client support services  
  • Homelessness prevention 
  • Housing services 
  • Resource coordination and data collection 
  • Capital investments

Here is a breakdown of how the funds were used: 

More than 33% of recipient municipalities improved access to sanitation facilities and/or community drop-in centres for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  

Approximately 25% of municipalities provided temporary, or medium to long-term shelter solutions.  

Approximately 25% of municipalities created, expanded, or virtually adapted the training and counseling services they provide to assist vulnerable individuals. 

Approximately 10% of municipalities increased their ability to provide meal service or food/care packages to vulnerable individuals.   


To find out more about the Fund, see Frequently Asked Questions and read the CMA Foundation news release.

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