For decades, western communities and industries have created good jobs, driven national prosperity, and supported entire generations of families. Now they face deep economic anxiety. Local leaders see this uncertainly up close—and we’re here to help.

FCM’s Western Economic Solutions Taskforce (WEST) brought together rural and urban municipal leaders from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Together we drove concrete recommendations to the federal government that support western communities—and the people who call them home.

Our recommendations led directly to new federal investments that create jobs, drive western economic development, boost trade and exports, support farmers, and more.

Learn more about WEST and its work in our final report, entitled Opportunity and Prosperity: the Future of Western Canada.

Municipal leaders are problem solvers. FCM’s ability to convene and unite diverse local expertise—and to build bridges between orders of governments—makes us essential partners in tackling Canada’s biggest challenges, and in building better lives.

Members of FCM’s Western Economic Solutions Taskforce

WEST unites rural and urban municipal leaders from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. By convening mayors, reeves, councillors and presidents of municipal associations—representing hundreds of rural and urban communities—we’re ensuring that a full range of western municipal perspectives are heard at the federal level.

  • Randy Goulden, FCM Regional Chair – WEST Chair
  • Paul McLauchlin, President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta – WEST Vice-Chair
  • Charlie Clark, Mayor of Saskatoon – WEST Vice-Chair
  • Joanne Vanderheyden, FCM President
  • Taneen Rudyk, FCM First Vice-President
  • Scott Pearce, FCM Second Vice-President
  • Geoff Stewart, FCM Third Vice-President
  • Garth Frizzell, FCM Past President
  • Kam Blight, President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities
  • Angela Duncan, Interim President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association 
  • Brian Frenkel, President of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities
  • Ray Orb, President of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and FCM Rural Forum Chair
  • Rodger Hayward, President of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary
  • Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton
  • Sandra Masters, Mayor of Regina
  • Brian Bowman, Mayor of Winnipeg
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