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Municipal Asset Management Program

Asset management training for Canadian municipalities

Find local asset management training near your #CDNmuni

Learn how to make better infrastructure decisions

No two municipalities are alike — which means communities across Canada require different asset management training options that are close to home and specific to their needs.

To address this need, FCM's partner organizations are delivering more than 60 local asset management training activities in Canadian communities of all sizes. Municipal staff and elected officials will be able to access workshops, webinars, conferences and events in regions across the country until June 2018.

Local and national training opportunities will help your municipality gain asset management knowledge and skills, so municipalities can make better infrastructure investment decisions. Events include national training opportunities along with local events tailored to meet regional needs.

Benefits of asset management training

Participating in training and learning activities will help your municipal staff and elected officials:

  • Learn about asset management
  • Incorporate asset management practices into your municipality's day-to-day operations
  • Collect and use data to make economical and sustainable infrastructure decisions
  • Learn from and collaborate with other communities that have developed asset management programs
  • Acquire resources and templates you can tailor to the specific needs of your community

Find asset management training in your region

Below you will find information about:  

  • our partner organizations
  • events and training offered
  • other types of asset management tools and information being created to support municipalities

Event information will be made available on the partner organization's website when it has been confirmed.

Online and national

Training detailed in this section is open to municipalities across the country and is offered online.

Canadian Institute of Planners
Webinars and workshops

The Canadian Institute of Planners is offering professional development webinars and workshops on asset management.

  • The sessions and training materials are designed to reflect the multiple and varying needs of municipal governments, with an emphasis on developing awareness and capacity among small, rural and remote communities across Canada.
  • The intent is to have content that addresses concerns and questions from municipal representatives regardless of their job, the size of their municipality, or their municipality's level of asset management maturity.  

Canadian Network of Asset Managers
Information booklet, workshops and seminars  

The Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) is developing and publishing a concise, simple and informative booklet (in both official languages) aimed at municipal staff and elected officials seeking to understand why they should embark on the asset management journey.

  • CNAM is also developing and delivering workshops and seminars on what asset management is, why municipalities should embrace it, and how to go about implementing asset management practices.
  • The content attempts to address concerns and questions from municipal representatives that are pertinent to their municipality's level of asset management readiness.  

Canadian Urban Transit Association

The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) is adapting its recognized asset management course that focuses on the transit industry.

  • CUTA is redesigning the 60-hour course into a one-day workshop covering key introductory aspects of asset management.
  • This face-to-face learning experience provides municipal staff and elected officials with tools to begin asset management cataloguing and evaluation in their municipalities.
  • The aim of the project is to raise municipal awareness and skills regarding asset management practices.

National Asset Management Strategy Canada
Online course  

National Asset Management Strategy Canada is offering a 10-week Asset Management Planning Professional certificate course to relevant municipal stakeholders, with a focus on small and rural communities.

  • The online course includes information on FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program Readiness Scale.
  • This course is tailored to the Canadian context and gives participants a solid foundation in asset management planning that they can put into practice in their communities.


Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, in partnership with the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta, are jointly offering workshops to municipalities to introduce elected officials, senior administrators and practitioners to asset management.

  • The workshops are aimed at elected officials and municipalities with little or no awareness of asset management.
  • They highlight the benefits of asset management and provide information on how to get started.

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Infrastructure Management Network

The Atlantic Infrastructure Management Network (AIM Network) is offering three different workshops across the Atlantic region.

  • AIM is delivering 14 full-day sessions to introduce municipal staff to asset management planning, and 13 full-day sessions to introduce elected officials to asset management planning.
  • The third workshop is a half-day session on leadership in asset management for municipalities in New Brunswick.
  • AIM Network is offering additional training in 2018.

L'Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick
Workshops and training  

The Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFMNB) is delivering several asset management training activities in French, tailored to the needs of elected officials and municipal administrators in New Brunswick municipalities.

  • AFMNB is delivering six half-day introduction to asset management courses throughout the francophone regions of the province.
  • AFMNB is also delivering a series of three basic technical workshops to help elected officials and municipal administrators deepen their understanding of the steps involved in asset management.
  • Finally, AFMNB is also offering a training session in six regions to help elected officials and administrators clarify their roles in asset management.  

Cities of New Brunswick Association

The Cities of New Brunswick Association is designing and delivering a one-day workshop in Fredericton that is open to all municipalities in the province.

  • Simultaneous translation is being offered to make the workshop accessible to francophone communities, and the materials are available in both French and English.
  • The workshop builds on participants' understanding of municipal asset management, with a focus on the use of cost-effective processes and technologies, particularly for groups of smaller communities.  

Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities

The Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities is developing and presenting a one-day workshop to build awareness of asset management in the municipal sector.

  • Five sessions are being held in different locations across the province.  

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL), having formed a tripartite asset management working group with the Professional Municipal Administrators and the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Services, is leading a year-long municipal asset management awareness campaign.

  • A new interactive asset management section is being added to the MNL website and a social media campaign is running.
  • Five presentations are being held and training activities are taking place primarily at existing events.
  • The Introductory Asset Management training sessions are tailored to the circumstances of small towns while the Implementing Asset Management skills-building sessions offer more accelerated learning to practitioners from urban municipalities.  

Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
Workshops and online training

The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) is delivering six education and awareness activities on asset management.

  • A two-hour workshop aims to help municipal staff understand their roles in promoting and implementing asset management practices.
  • A presentation at UNSM's fall conference outlines the importance of asset management planning and key steps elected officials can take to support robust infrastructure practices.
  • A one-hour online course for elected officials focuses on the basics of asset management.
  • Three activities draw on knowledge and experience from Nova Scotia's asset management pilot project: a one-day workshop to help municipal staff plan the creation of an asset inventory; a webinar giving elected officials an overview of the pilot project; and an online learning module based on the pilot project's how-to guide for data collection and condition assessments.


Association of Manitoba Municipalities
Workshops and guide

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) is developing materials and workshops to equip elected officials and senior administrators for asset management decision-making and assessment activities.

  • AMM is also creating an asset management leadership committee made up of stakeholders who are working together to further asset management in Manitoba.
  • AMM is developing a Manitoba guide to help elected officials, senior administrators and other relevant stakeholders understand asset management and assess their municipalities' asset management readiness.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Association of Communities
Tools, templates, videos and conference

The Northwest Territories Association of Communities (NWTAC) is producing various asset management tools and templates for municipal staff and elected officials, tailored to the context of northern municipalities.

  • The tools include a video highlighting the benefits of asset management for northern and remote communities, and life cycle planning workbooks supporting municipal staff and elected officials in making infrastructure decisions.
  • NWTAC is developing preventative maintenance checklists and associated videos that serve as a consistent resource for staff and communities.
  • They are making templates for asset management available that facilitate the adoption of appropriate by-laws, policies and plans.
  • NWTAC is also offering a two-day conference to inform and educate municipal staff and elected officials on issues related to asset management.


Nunavut Association of Municipalities
Workshop and knowledge sharing activities

The Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM) is undertaking several training and knowledge sharing activities, planned in partnership with the Government of Nunavut and geared toward 24 small communities.

  • NAM is providing support to 24 hamlets on data entry and the use of Asset Planner software so these communities can catalogue their assets.
  • They are offering a workshop to introduce Nunavut mayors to asset management, including the knowledge and skills related to governing.
  • NAM will also produce an asset management manual for mayors to use in their municipalities.


Asset Management Ontario

Asset Management Ontario is offering one-day workshops focusing on supporting Ontario municipalities in developing skills to perform asset management responsibilities more effectively by furthering their technical expertise.

  • Six sessions are being offered and outreach is geared to smaller, more rural Ontario municipalities.

Ontario Good Roads Association
Workshops and webinars

The Ontario Good Roads Association is offering introductory asset management workshops for elected officials in six locations in Ontario, as well as 10 webinars on the same topic for municipal staff.

  • The workshops and webinars are four hours each, and cover the key introductory aspects of asset management.

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is developing and delivering interactive workshops that give participants an overview of what an asset management plan looks like, and the opportunity to experience asset management planning in action using a case study.

  • The workshops target engineers who work for smaller municipalities.
  • OSPE is offering six sessions  in different locations across Ontario.


WaterTAP is designing and delivering interactive one-day workshops to increase participants' understanding of basic asset management planning; support team building and strategy development; identify regional knowledge and skills-sharing opportunities for asset management planning; and provide hands-on support to municipalities as they learn to integrate life cycle costing into planning.

  • The workshops are designed for small municipalities and can be attended by municipal teams consisting of elected officials, senior administrators and municipal staff.


Le Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines
Training, hands-on support and guides

The Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines (CERIU) is offering four knowledge and skills development activities on municipal asset management.

  • The organization is delivering eight one-day training sessions to municipal staff across Quebec on the principles and practices of asset management.
  • A consultant is also available to provide practical support to help municipalities adopt asset management practices.
  • In partnership with the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM), CERIU is also developing a survey, selecting articles and reviewing literature for dissemination in FQM publications, and creating content for three online training modules and a one-day symposium.
  • CERIU is updating two asset management guides to reflect new trends in the sector and address the needs of small- and medium-sized municipalities.    

La Fédération québécoise des municipalités
Communication, webinars and symposium  

The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM), in collaboration with the Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastrutures urbaines, is delivering six activities tailored to small municipalities in Quebec.

  • A survey is underway to assess the level of asset management readiness in Quebec. As part of an awareness campaign, FQM is publishing several articles and ads in a variety of publications.
  • They are developing three online training modules on the FQM website, ranging from an introduction to asset management to steps for assessing the state of infrastructure.
  • FQM is holding a one-day symposium dedicated to knowledge sharing, networking and sharing tools.

Union des municipalités du Québec

The Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ) is offering workshops on financing and integrated infrastructure management for municipal elected officials and municipal managers.

  • The workshops are being offered in six different locations across Quebec, and discuss funding and the various stages of integrated infrastructure management.
  • The training focuses on the role of the elected official during each of these stages as well as the benefits for the municipality.


Asset Management Saskatchewan
Video, webinar and workshop

Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is producing and distributing a short video to introduce administrators and council members across Saskatchewan to asset management, and to help them understand the prerequisites to developing an asset management plan.

  • AM-SK is also offering a webinar and a workshop to municipal leaders and staff on the principles of municipal asset management, the practical details, and the core skills required to begin integrating asset management practices in their municipalities.
  • The training introduces FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program Readiness Scale, and guides participants on how to use it to assess their progress on the asset management journey.


Association of Yukon Communities
Guide and workshops  

The Association of Yukon Communities (AYC) is producing a customized Yukon municipal handbook to introduce elected officials and senior managers to asset management as a primary responsibility of local government.

  • AYC is delivering educational workshops based on the guide. Participation is open to all municipalities and First Nation communities.
  • This expert-led workshop includes activities that emphasize the five competencies from FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program Readiness Scale.
  • AYC is delivering the activities  across the Yukon in order to reach northern communities.

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This initiative is available through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered through the Federation of Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

Page Updated: 13/12/2017