This week’s FCM Board of Directors meetings in the Regional Municipality of Durham saw the adoption of four resolutions related to the following issues.  

Supporting national licensure for healthcare professionals

Amid acute staff shortages in our nation’s healthcare facilities, FCM’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution calling on the federal government to work with provincial and territorial governments to explore a constitutionally valid pan-Canadian licensure model that would better enable physicians and nurses to work anywhere in Canada. This would facilitate the provision of care where it is needed most: in rural, remote and northern communities, while also better supporting virtual care, the use of temporary placements, and make Canada a more attractive destination for healthcare graduates from abroad.

Disposable wipes

FCM’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution calling on the federal government for a moratorium on the “flushable” designation used by some 20 manufacturers of sanitary wipes sold in Canada and requested the February 2022 decision of the Competition Bureau of Canada to terminate an investigation into the “flushable” designation be reviewed by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. This resolution recognizes that many other jurisdictions globally have taken action on this issue given the challenges that such products cause to sewer systems.

Protection of waterways from aquatic invasive species

FCM’s Board of Directors adopted a measure proposing that the federal government implement a national program, such as a watercraft inspection station and passport program, to prevent vessels facilitating the spread of aquatic invasive species across provincial and territorial borders and into Canada. With invasive species a growing problem in Canada, action is needed to better protect vulnerable waterways across the country.

World class shipbreaking regulations for Canada

Canada has limited federal and no specific provincial legislation that addresses the responsible disposal of marine and freshwater vessels at their end-of-life. FCM’s Board of Directors has adopted a resolution to advocate that the federal government ratify and implement the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, the Basel Convention and BAN amendment, and adopt domestic regulations similar to the EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

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