The following terms and conditions apply to persons granted permission to attend or otherwise participate in Federation of Canadian Municipalities (“FCM”) conferences and related events (“Participants”). A violation of these terms may result in FCM’s revocation of the Participant’s rights and privileges including denial of access to events and removal from event premises.

  1. Conference Code of Conduct
  1. Standard of Conduct

All FCM conference Participants are entitled to a safe and welcoming environment free from harassment or discrimination when participating in any conference related event including social events, study tours, workshops, plenaries, political meetings and social gatherings. To that end, Participants must at all times conduct themselves with the highest standard of respect and dignity when participating in FCM events.

As a reminder to all participants in FCM’s Sustainable Communities Conference, FCM is committed to providing a health and safe work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, a workplace devoid of any form of harassment, discrimination, violence, bullying or racism. The Sustainable Communities Conference is considered an FCM workplace for the purposes of all interactions (written, verbal and non-verbal) and for the interpretation of FCM policies. Should a Participant be subject to, or witness any, inappropriate or threatening behaviour or language, they are expected to notify FCM registration staff at the registration desk or send an email to

  1. Unauthorized Marketing and Hospitality Events

Except for authorized sponsors and exhibitors, delegates and other Participants are not permitted to use the conference as a forum for soliciting and marketing purposes. Parties wishing to have such privileges should register as a FCM sponsor or exhibitor.

Delegates are expected to decline invitations from organizations that are neither exhibitor or sponsors and report violations of the above prohibition to FCM. The list of sanctioned FCM exhibitor/sponsor events is available on the conference website.

  1. Compliance with Laws, Policies and Procedures / Health and Safety Protocols

All Participants must comply with applicable (a) laws and regulations policies and (b) procedures, including those related to health and safety, whether issued by FCM, the venue or hosts.

  1. Consent to Use of Personal Information and Images
  1. Delegate Personal Information

In-person delegates consenting to having their conference badge scanned at an exhibitor’s booth are deemed to consent to the sharing of their contact information (name, title, organization, business address and business email) with that exhibitor for the purpose of being contacted for marketing purposes. Any person that does not wish to share their personal information with exhibitors should not present their badge for scanning.

Delegates participating in the conference and events using a virtual platform are deemed to consent to sharing the contact information in their virtual profile for purposes of enabling their virtual attendance and recording their attendance.

  1. Images in Photographs and Videos

FCM may take photographs and videos of the conference events which feature Participants. Participants are deemed to consent of the use of these photographs and/or videos in any media, including social media channels, for the purpose of marketing and promoting future FCM events. Photos and videos will not be distributed to third parties.

  1. FCM’s Right to Modify / Cancel Conference Events

FCM reserves the right to make changes to the conference program at any time without prior notice to Participants. FCM also reserves the right to cancel or modify conference events due to insufficient registration or any other reason. FCM is not responsible for resulting cancellation charges imposed on any Participant which may be applied by hotels, airlines or travel agencies, or for any other losses incurred by Participants due to such cancellation or change.

  1. Limitation of Liability

FCM shall not be liable to any Participant for any direct or indirect economic loss, lost profits, lost opportunity or for any special, consequential, incidental, exemplary or indirect costs from any cause whatsoever, even if FMC was advised of the possibility of such costs or damages.

While attending conference events, Participants are encouraged to maintain physical distance from others and to wear a face mask. FCM disclaims all responsibility for any COVID related claims or losses arising from participation in a conference event or otherwise.

For any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact FCM’s registration desk or call 613-907-6317.

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