The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) invites members to submit resolutions on subjects of national municipal interest that fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government.

Background information, such as a Council report, should be submitted with the resolution. When a resolution is not self-explanatory or when the background information is not attached, FCM staff may return a resolution to the sponsor with a request for additional information or clarification.

Resolutions must meet FCM Procedures for Resolutions and must be received by FCM no later than midnight.

Resolutions must be received by the appropriate deadline for consideration at FCM's Board meetings and the Annual Conference. Resolutions received after a deadline but before a meeting will be considered for the following meeting unless determined by the Executive Committee, at a regularly scheduled meeting, to be of an emergency nature.

Meeting Deadline
September Board Meeting July 8, 2024
March Board Meeting January 8, 2024
Annual Conference January 8, 2024

The resolutions process gives members the opportunity to directly influence the direction of FCM's public policy and advocacy work, as well as the organization itself. Resolutions must be submitted to the Resolutions Coordinator.

FCM Resolutions Checklist

  • Does the resolution focus on an issue that is the direct concern of municipalities and falls within federal jurisdiction?
  • Does the language of the resolution have a national focus? 
  • Do the descriptive clauses explain how the resolution addresses a municipal-federal issue?
  • Does the operative clause state a specific action for FCM to take? (i.e., "Resolved, That FCM urge/endorse/petition/write...")
  • Does the submission include background information, such as a council or policy report, which explains the rationale for the resolution?
  • Does the submission include proof of endorsement by the sponsoring local government?
  • Is it ready to submit electronically to
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