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Antenna Tower Siting

Canadian demand for high-capacity wireless communications is growing quickly. This demand requires more antenna systems, built closer to where we live.

Changes to Canada's Antenna Tower Siting Policy

In April 2014, Industry Canada announced a new process a company must follow when installing a new radio communication antenna tower. The Joint Protocol on Antenna Siting, first developed in 2013 by FCM and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), has been updated to reflect the regulations on antenna siting, which took effect in July 2014.

Companies must share towers where possible, consult with the local land-use authority (generally the municipality) and the public as required, and adhere to any local antenna siting protocol that exists. Industry Canada has also officially removed the exemption that had permitted antenna towers under 15 meters be built without notification or consultation with municipalities and the public.

FCM has been leading the effort to make the antenna siting process responsive to community needs.

Page Updated: 05/10/2017