Rebecca Bligh
Third Vice-President
Rebecca Bligh was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2018. Rebecca serves as Chair of Finance and is a strong voice for accountability and fiscal responsibility. She has stood up for diverse and inclusive communities. Rebecca is dedicated to addressing many of the major challenges facing our communities including the affordability crisis and issues around public safety and the poisoned drug crisis. Rebecca has served since 2018 as a Director for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and is currently Chair of Governance Working Group & Vice-Chair of Community Safety and Crime Prevention.

Outside of politics Rebecca is the founder of BLACKPiiN, a consulting and facilitation practice working with executives and teams to define, develop and implement strategies to enable success. Motivated by the core value, service leadership and passionate about giving back to community, Rebecca has enjoyed working with a number of local organizations, most notably prior to 2018 the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and Legado Initiatives, partnering in delivering training and development in Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Rebecca lives in Vancouver with her wife Laura, adult children Holly & Jackson, and their dog Kingsley.

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