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If you're looking to enrich your knowledge of Canadian municipalities, FCM and our programs, then you've come to the right place. If you're looking for FCM's bylaws and other governance information, please visit our Corporate Resources area.

Here we offer expertise and insight gathered from FCM webcasts, conferences, programs, policy forums and other activities. All of this content is organized by type and then date, making it easily accessible through browsing or, if you prefer, searching. This information comes in several forms:

  • Case studies about municipal green initiatives funded by GMF, international projects, projects undertaken by PCP members to reduce GHGs and FCM Sustainable Communities Award winning initiatives.
  • Multimedia videos such as a recorded FCM webinar on the future of public transit in Canada.
  • Presentations from FCM events, such as a session on greening the rural economy from our 2011 Sustainable Communities Conference.
  • Reports such as FCM policy papers on a range of municipal issues as well as project status updates from FCM programs.
  • Tools that include guides and templates for use by municipalities, such as sample legal documents.
Page Updated: 28/09/2015