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Women in Local Government

Regional Champions

Women still only represent 26 per cent of elected officials at the municipal level. More than ever, Regional Champions are imperative to increasing women's participation in municipal government in Canada's cities and towns.
The role and contribution of FCM's Regional Champions are manifold: they set up campaign schools, organize public meetings, recruit potential candidates to run in municipal elections, advocate for gender-based analysis plus practices and policies within local government and use the news media to promote women´s participation in municipal government.

The Regional Champions program was launched in June 2008 at the Annual Conference in Quebec City. Regional Champions are elected municipal officials and gender champions who have been identified as those committed to increasing the participation of women in their own local governments.

FCM staff has developed supporting materials, including a Regional Champions guide to help regional champions recruit others and communicate among themselves and with external audiences — including the news and media.

If you are interested in becoming a regional champion, please contact the program officer.

Find your regional champion.

Page Updated: 06/11/2017