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Women in Local Government

About Women in Local Government

FCM wants to close the gender gap.

In 2005, FCM established the Standing Committee on Increasing Women´s Participation in Municipal Government to seek and support initiatives to increase women´s political participation in municipal government. The committee, composed of 24 elected municipal officials from across Canada, is working to ensure women make up 50 per cent of municipal councils by 2026.

Mission statement

The Standing Committee on Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government will promote and support the participation of women in government.


  1. Analyze the obstacles to women's participation.
  2. Take specific action to reduce these obstacles.
  3. Encourage women to participate.


  • Encourage a positive working relationship between all people working in a political environment.
  • Provide a network for participation and membership for women elected to office in municipalities across Canada.
  • Mentor newly elected officials, and mentor those facing difficult issues.
  • Exchange information, ideas and learning at FCM's Annual Conference.
  • Through a variety of annual scholarship awards, encourage women to consider becoming involved in municipal government.
  • Recognize excellence of women in municipal government through the Ann Maclean Award.
  • Spread women in municipal government's knowledge and experiences to communities around the world.
Page Updated: 16/07/2018