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Green Truck

To help municipal fleet managers green their fleets, FCM delivered an Enviro-Fleets pilot project, from the fall of 2009 to March 31st, 2011. Supported by Environment Canada, the Enviro-Fleets pilot project, provided municipal fleet managers with training and resources to reduce GHG and criteria air contaminant (CAC) emissions associated with the operation of heavy duty diesel (HDD) fleet vehicles. 

Working with organizations and municipalities who are actively working to reduce municipal fleet emissions, the Enviro-Fleets project facilitated webinars and workshops and released two resource documents on how municipal fleet managers can reduce the environmental impact of their HDD fleet vehicles. 

The Guide to Helpful Resources is the result of research conducted early on in the Enviro-Fleets project to review tools and resources available across Canada on greening municipal heavy-duty fleet vehicles. This Guide aims to help municipal fleet managers, mayors, councillors, and other municipal staff involved in fleet management, reduce emissions from heavy duty diesel fleet vehicles. It provides information and resources to further any community's environmental and economic goals - and help municipalities make the best choices for their community's needs. 

The Guide to Best Practices focuses on five key recommendations to help municipal fleet managers reduce greenhouse gas and criteria air contaminant emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Recommendations focus on cost-effective strategies and are supported by information on returns on investment, expected impacts and case studies. This Guide was created for municipalities of all sizes and types and can be used by municipal fleet managers, mayors, councillors and other municipal staff.

Page Updated: 01/05/2018