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Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program

Regional climate advisors

Group photo of regional climate advisors

Our regional climate advisors from left to right: Dany Robidoux, Samantha Peverill, Laurent Pilon, Marie-Claire Dumont, Dale Littlejohn, Eddie Oldfield

FCM now offers support and services from regional climate advisors, environmental experts from across Canada offering one-on-one advice, training and knowledge-sharing activities tailored specifically to provide members of the FCM-ICLEI Partners for Climate Protection program (PCP) with local expertise, resources and support to help municipalities reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn about the services and benefits of working with a regional climate advisor and find links to details and contact information for each advisor.

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Our advisors offer a range of services and direct, on the ground support, tailored specifically to the needs of municipalities in the regions they serve. Through one-on-one advice, training and other activities, they can help your municipality set and achieve GHG reduction targets, develop and implement local climate action plans, and more.

These consulting-type services are provided free of charge, exclusively to PCP members. The PCP program is open to Canadian cities and communities of all sizes and is free to join.

Contact one of our advisors located in five regions across Canada

Our regional climate advisors are from organizations that work with governments and the private sector on sustainability, energy planning and climate change issues.

Read their profiles, find contact information and learn about their areas of expertise and the services that they offer. 

The advisors in each region are:

Free access to GHG reduction activities, as well as training and networking

FCM's regional climate advisors offer a variety of services developed specifically for your region to help you move through the PCP Milestone Framework, including:

  • Setting and achieving GHG reduction targets
  • Developing and implementing local climate action plans
  • Implementing existing plans using specific, measurable actions

They offer training, knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, such as:

  • Workshops, webinars and other types of training
  • Peer learning and networking activities
  • Opportunities to expand your network of nearby municipalities so you can learn from their experiences
  • Information about funding, local resources and programs
  • News about legislation and regulations that affect your region 

Our advisors can also:

  • Help you identify and apply for grant funding
  • Provide in-depth, technical information about the PCP program to help further your PCP Milestone progress
  • Help you complete reports or documentation for the PCP program  

The specific activities and services available will vary according to local needs. Find out what will be offered in your province or territory.  

Benefits of working with a local partner

Work with an advisor to benefit from free access to experts in your province with direct knowledge and understanding of your local context. Our regional climate advisors offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of concerns facing municipalities in your province or territory
  • Understanding and expertise in provincial and territorial regulations that affect your municipality
  • Help overcoming challenges, such as creating a first-time GHG inventory and developing a local climate action plan that complies with provincial regulations
  • Connections to other organizations and experts in climate action
  • Access to local resources available through provincial or territorial governments and associations, utilities, and other regional partners
  • Knowledge of best practices, projects and approaches that have been successful in other municipalities in your province and that you can apply to your community

Contact your regional climate advisor today

Contact the advisor in your region to learn more about how they can help you reach your goals. Learn more about the services and activities they offer and read their profiles.

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Become a member of the PCP program and you can also benefit from free training and consultations with FCM's regional climate advisors to help your municipality achieve your climate change goals. Canadian cities and communities of all sizes can join the PCP program free of charge. Join today.

The regional climate change advisors initiative is delivered by FCM's Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program and funded by the Government of Canada. The PCP program is a joint initiative of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.

Page Updated: 21/06/2018