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Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program

Climate adaptation partner grants

Grant funding for not-for-profit organizations to help municipalities adapt to climate change.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for this call was Friday, September 8, 2017.

FCM's Climate Adaptation Partner Grants provide funding to not-for-profit organizations to deliver training and support that will help municipalities adapt to the impacts of climate change. The program will offer grants of up to $250,000, enabling expert organizations to lead projects that help communities address their vulnerabilities to environmental challenges, such as flooding and extreme temperatures.

On this page, find information about available funding, the types of initiatives and organizations that are eligible for funding, and application deadlines and instructions.

Note: These grants are not directly available to municipalities. Learn more about climate change adaptation and mitigation funding grants for municipalities, as well as how to apply.

Initiative requirements

Your initiative should be designed to address the impacts of climate change in a particular region or on a national level and enable each participant municipality to reach a tangible outcome. Initiatives should accomplish the following:

  • Lead peer-learning activities, such as workshops, webinars or teleconferences, with at least five participating municipalities.
  • Develop plans, studies or projects in each municipality contributing to climate change resilience, either in a given region or on a national level.
  • Connect municipalities undertaking similar initiatives to share approaches and best practices they can apply in their communities. 

Examples of eligible initiatives

We fund the following types of initiatives:

  • Vulnerability assessment or risk response plans for a group of communities facing similar geographic or climatic conditions, such as rising sea levels in coastal communities.
  • Assessing foundations and technological options to address building instability due to degraded permafrost.
  • Identifying policy and management options to manage and recover from extreme wind events.
  • Assessing the impacts of a residential water conservation program.
  • Managing or developing natural assets, such as trees, wetlands and creeks.

For a full list of eligible activities, please contact Dustin Carey.

Who can apply

Funding is available to Canadian registered not-for-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations, including:

  • Provincial and territorial municipal associations
  • Professional and industry associations
  • Educational institutions

Eligible organizations must have a mandate to support municipalities or have experience supporting Canada's municipal sector. They must also provide training, knowledge resources and information-sharing activities.

Available funding

Funding will be provided for up to nine eligible initiatives. Partners can apply for grant funding to a maximum of $250,000. The grant covers up to 80% of eligible project costs.

Note: Depending on demand, a second call for applications might be announced. Applicants may apply to both calls, but will only receive funding once.

Application deadline

The deadline for submitting a proposal for this call was Friday, September 8, 2017.

The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is a new five-year, $75-million program designed to encourage Canadian municipalities to better prepare for and adapt to the new realities of climate change as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.
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Page Updated: 08/09/2017