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We make communities stronger

About International

Municipal engagement on a global scale

Of all levels of government, municipalities are closest to the people. They play an important role in solving practical problems, delivering services, promoting economic growth and gender equality, and encouraging citizen participation in the democratic process.

Since 1987, our international programming has given Canadian municipal experts the chance to share knowledge and build relationships with counterparts in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Funded by Global Affairs Canada, we currently deliver more than $19 million in programming annually to create more inclusive, prosperous and secure communities in 13 countries.

Our strategic priorities

Our work abroad focuses on four priorities:

  • This includes strengthening local leadership by training elected officials and administrative staff, encouraging greater citizen engagement in the local decision-making process, and improving intergovernmental relations.
  •  We enhance the ability of local governments to stimulate private-sector activity, which helps promote economic development and reduce poverty by creating jobs, trade and foreign investment.  
  • We help local governments respond to disasters or conflicts and ensure their capacity to build safer communities. 
  • By fostering environmental leadership and innovation at the municipal level, we are helping build more resilient and sustainable communities-improving the quality of life of all citizens.

 Changing lives at home and abroad

Our 'peer-to-peer' approach to international cooperation not only builds the capacities of communities overseas-it also brings direct benefits back to Canadian municipalities. Those who participate in our programs receive valuable professional development opportunities while forging new business and trade connections around the world. They also gain access to innovative policy research and best practices, becoming more responsive to the needs of their citizens.

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Page Updated: 01/06/2018