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Green Municipal Fund

Brownfields Sector Funding

A brownfield is an abandoned, vacant, derelict or underutilized commercial, institutional or industrial property where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination or a threat to public health and safety, and where there is an active potential for redevelopment.

To be eligible for funding, your project must involve one or both of the following activities: site remediation or risk management, or renewable energy production.

Funding is also available for redevelopment projects that will be built on remediated brownfield sites, provided that these initiatives meet eligibility requirements in the energy, transportation, waste or water sectors.

The new GMF application form and updated applicant resources are now available. Find out more about the new eligibility criteria and prerequisites to apply for funding under the renewed offer. Capital project applications in the brownfields sector will continue to be reviewed through a non-competitive process. We encourage you to contact a GMF Advisor before completing an application form.

Eligible projects

Site remediation or risk management

Your project demonstrates the realistic potential to bring a brownfield site back into economically productive use in conformity with provincial soil quality standards.


  • removal and disposal of contaminated soils or materials
  • in situ or ex situ treatment of contaminated soils, groundwater or materials
  • risk management activities (construction or installation of engineering controls and monitoring systems)

Renewable energy production on a brownfield

Your project generates renewable energy on a brownfield site (a brightfield), with or without remediation, and is approved by the provincial or territorial regulator.


  • redevelopment of a site to return it to productive economic use through the installation of on-site renewable energy generation (with or without prior remediation)


Your project will be constructed on a remediated brownfield site and meets capital project requirements in the energy, transportation, waste or water sectors. If your project will be built on a remediated brownfield, we accept projects targeting an anticipated reduction in design energy consumption of at least 45 per cent compared to the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011.


  • a new energy-efficient recreational centre built on a remediated brownfield site
  • a waste diversion facility constructed on a remediated brownfield


See our FAQs, or contact us at 613-907-6208 613-907-6208 or 1-877-997-9926.

Page Updated: 10/01/2017