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Green Municipal Fund

Resources and programs

Through GMF, FCM works with municipalities and their partners to share their knowledge, experience and best practices in sustainable development.

Find the resources, tools and examples you need in each of the following areas:

  • Brownfields Resources

    Brownfields Resources

    Find the resources you need to help you remediate and redevelop your brownfields sites.
  • Energy Resources

    Energy Resources

    Learn how to make your municipal facilities more energy-efficient, implement your energy recovery or district energy project, or undertake a net zero system, and more.
  • Planning Resources

    Planning Resources

    See how to develop a sustainable community plan, greenhouse gas reduction plan, sustainable neighbourhood plan, or community brownfield action plan, and find other useful planning tools.
  • Transportation Resources

    Transportation Resources

    Find out how you can encourage modal shift in your community, reduce fossil fuel use in your fleets, and reduce your fleet GHGs.
  • Waste Resources

    Waste Resources

    Check out these tools and examples to help you divert more of your waste from landfill, and achieve your other waste management goals.
  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    Find out how you can save water, manage your stormwater, upgrade your wastewater system or permanently treat your septic systems, and more.
  • Multi-sector Resources

    Multi-sector Resources

    Taking a general sustainability approach or targeting initiatives that address more than one sector of municipal activity can help reduce costs, make more efficient use of available resources and reap wide-ranging benefits.

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Page Updated: 27/06/2017