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Green Municipal Fund

Guidebook: Promoting brownfield programs and opportunities in Canada

Free Guide: Promoting brownfield programs and redevelopment opportunities. Read the guide

How to market brownfield sites and incentives in your municipality

Effectively communicating your municipality's redevelopment opportunities and incentive programs to property owners and developers is key to their success. This guidebook outlines steps to help you find and engage the right developers and collaborators for brownfields sites in Canadian cities and towns of all sizes.

Read this guide and learn how to:

  • Define your objectives and conduct market research to develop an effective marketing plan
  • Identify the right brownfield contact person for your municipality
  • Create compelling communication materials designed to drive action in developing your brownfield sites
  • Effectively engage and work with your target audience

The guide also includes case studies that offer creative ideas and practical examples that you can apply in your municipality.

The guidebook is designed for: Municipal staff, such as sustainability coordinators, planners, project managers, economic development officers and chief administrative officers, who are responsible for creating and implementing a brownfield strategy.

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This free publication is part of a series of guidebooks on brownfield redevelopment, created through FCM's Green Municipal Fund and the Leadership in Brownfield Renewal program.

Page Updated: 10/06/2016