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Green Municipal Fund
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GMF 2016–2017 Annual Report: Letter to stakeholders

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GMF's 2016–2017 Annual Report

We are pleased to present the 2016–2017 Green Municipal FundTM (GMF) annual report — the first edition in a completely digital format. A program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, GMF helps communities to plan, design and implement sustainability projects, such as those involving waste, drinking water, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy efficiency. In 2016, the Government of Canada expressed its support by committing an additional $125 million to GMF's original endowment.

Municipalities use GMF support to undertake projects that deliver tangible and ongoing environmental, economic and social benefits to residents. GMF support includes not only grants and loans, but also a range of valuable knowledge services — resources such as case studies, along with training and networking opportunities — all of which helps municipalities succeed. During 2016–2017, GMF invested $74 million in loans and grants for 9 capital projects, and $9 million in grants for 71 plans, studies and pilot projects across the country, with many more municipalities benefitting directly from GMF knowledge services.

To maximize the national impact of projects, GMF prioritizes innovation, replication and scalability. Two prime examples are featured in this report: a feasibility study of a centralized energy-from-waste facility for 56 Alberta municipalities, and a pilot project by three Quebec municipalities to reduce both energy costs and total GHG emissions by extending loans to homeowners for renovation projects. The annual report also features GMF's environmental impacts since inception, how GMF takes action on climate change on the international stage, our efforts to build long-lasting relationships with Canadian municipalities and partner organizations, and more.

GMF continually develops new and more effective ways to support municipal sustainability projects, to gather and analyze relevant information, and to transform this information into practical, accessible products, networks and learning opportunities. This process enables ever-larger numbers of municipalities to realize their sustainability goals. More importantly, GMF's support leads to innovative solutions that can be readily scaled up and replicated in other municipalities, for the benefit of all Canadians.


Headshot of Jenny Gerbasi, FCM President.

Jenny Gerbasi
Deputy Mayor, City of Winnipeg
FCM President

Headshot of Ben Henderson, Chair, GMF Council.

Ben Henderson
Councillor, City of Edmonton
Chair, GMF Council

Page Updated: 06/06/2018