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First Nations-Municipal Collaboration Programs

Solid Waste Management Toolkit

The Solid Waste Management Toolkit gives First Nations and municipalities tools and guidance to help them collaborate on solid waste management.

Building on the experience of our Community Infrastructure Partnership Project (CIPP), the toolkit provides information on solid waste management, as well as advice and templates for developing solid waste management agreements between First Nations and municipalities.

Taking a collaborative approach to solid waste management can help your community:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Create local jobs;
  • Minimize environmental footprint;
  • Harmonize land use plans;
  • Pool funds to invest in advanced technology;
  • Build mutual respect and understanding.

Download the full toolkit (pdf).

Template service agreement

The template service agreement lists sections of a typical service agreement, suggested provisions of the agreement, and highlights issues to consider in negotiations.

Download the template service agreement (pdf).

Service Agreement Best Practice Toolkit

The CIPP Service Agreement Best Practice Toolkit provides information on building and maintaining effective relationships. The toolkit also has information on how agreements can be developed between First Nations and municipal governments.

Page Updated: 20/04/2018