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FCM Innovation Network

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Who are among the best of Canada's Municipal Innovators?

At FCM's Innovation Network, we are committed to supporting municipal leaders who represent promising new models that improve decision making and strengthen delivery of services.

Simply applying to be named among the top 10 municipal innovators is a way of sharing your story with hundreds of leaders in your sector.

Showcase yourself, be compelling and engage us in your work. We want to know what matters to you.

The criteria are simple.

We want to highlight and celebrate municipal innovators who:

  • Turn ideas into action through expertise and experience. They are willing to experiment with new ways of addressing familiar and emerging challenges.
  • Are solutions-focused, solving specific challenges through different approaches that are inspiring, real, and replicable.
  • Represent the diversity of the Canadian people through regional geographies, both urban and rural, and through language, age, gender, and backgrounds.
  • Are committed to change, and are willing to share stories, learnings and actions.

Applications are due by March 19.

Applications must show how you, the innovator:

  • Address a need from the community that is common to/shared by others.
  • Demonstrate novel, replicable ideas.
  • Have long-term impact through integrated measures (social, environmental, economic).
  • Localize to regional context (language, practices, etc.).
  • Demonstrate leadership.
  • Break away from silos.
  • Encourage multi-sector collaboration.

Apply today!

We believe the value to these municipal leaders will be the opportunity to share stories, access the network, receive recognition, and help peers. This may include opportunities to share your work on stage, to access resources and peer support.

What is innovation?

At its core, innovation is about improving the quality of life for all Canadians.

Defining innovation

Innovation means leaving the comfort zone and taking risks to do things differently. It redefines the norm, strengthens communities and improves lives. FIN brings municipalities together to share and learn to help mitigate those risks and deliver better results for residents.

We define innovation as the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), process, market, or a new organizational method in practices.1

Municipal innovations may come from:

  • new, leading edge technologies, processes or ideas,
  • new applications of existing technologies, processes or ideas or,
  • established and proven technologies, processes or ideas that are not widely known or used in the municipal space.

1Source: Oslo Manual: Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data,

Page Updated: 15/02/2018