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FCM Innovation Network

Kick-starting your municipal innovation

A webinar series presented by FCM's Innovation Network

Every day, municipal leaders are faced with a barrage of new approaches and ideas. This webinar series focuses on topics that members of FCM's Innovation Network (FIN) have identified as key areas that will support their ability to adopt innovations in technology and practice to build prosperous, inclusive and sustainable communities.

Apply to join FIN — a forum for collaboration, information sharing and education.

Do you have a plan for innovation in your community? Are you looking to improve how you deliver services or shift your culture? How can a municipality, of any size, start this process? Our free webinar series will help you address these challenges, identify innovative solutions, and equip leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to make these critical decisions, such as: 

  • Mobilizing diverse stakeholders by engaging municipalities, industry, academia, youth and other key stakeholders.
  • Finding inspiration for the next plan you bring forward to council.
  • Collecting the most important data that you need to make meaningful decisions that matter to residents.

Who should attend

This webinar series is intended for elected officials and municipal staff involved in IT, corporate services, urban planning, procurement, economic development, engineering, measurement, sustainability, and climate change. Innovators from industry, academia, and other key facets of the innovation ecosystem may also benefit.

    Page Updated: 05/04/2018