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Gerbasi shares FCM’s nation-building vision with Provincial and Territorial Ministers (29/06/2017)

FCM President Jenny Gerbasi issued the following statement after meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan with Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for local government.

"Today, I was pleased to meet with Provincial and Territorial Ministers from across Canada. This meeting comes at a historic moment for the cities and communities where Canadians live, work and raise their families. This meeting was bolstered by the attendance of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, both who add valuable local insight on behalf of their members. With the game-changing federal infrastructure investments announced in Budget 2017, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape Canada's future.

Turning historic investments into historic outcomes that grow the economy and improve the lives of Canadians requires meaningful engagement with all orders of government. From transit systems to rural roads to water systems, leveraging the nation-building expertise of local governments is vital. With the right program design, we are ready to deliver outcomes that will transform our cities, communities and provinces—and all of Canada.

Today's meeting focussed on the upcoming federal-provincial negotiations that can unlock the full potential of these new investments. We made it clear that municipalities are looking for full and fair cost-sharing, meaningful access to green infrastructure investments and program designs that work for rural, remote and northern communities. The results of the upcoming negotiations will shape-or limit-this opportunity to strengthen communities nation-wide.

Local government will continue engaging with provinces and territories through their Provincial and Territorial Municipal Associations, just as FCM continues our dialogue with our federal partners. By working together now, we can achieve the transformative progress Canadians deserve."  

Jenny Gerbasi is the Deputy Mayor for the City of Winnipeg. Her one-year term as FCM President began on June 4, 2017.

Page Updated: 29/06/2017