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Statement from FCM President Clark Somerville following meeting with Infrastructure Ministers (07/09/2016)

FCM President Clark Somerville issued the following statement after today's historic meeting in Edmonton among municipal leaders and federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for infrastructure. 

"Today's meeting was an unprecedented opportunity for three orders of government to discuss how we are going to strengthen our partnership to ensure that Phase 2 of the federal government's bold infrastructure plan delivers the best return on investment for Canadians. 

Strengthening this partnership is by far the best way to tackle national challenges — ensuring everyone has an affordable place to call home, easing gridlock, confronting climate change and creating jobs.

Phase 2 will need to empower local expertise to ensure meaningful progress for Canadians, whether they live in cities, towns, or rural and remote communities. Experience shows that the best way to ensure all Canadians benefit from federal funding is to deliver significant investment through a streamlined, predictable allocation to municipalities-rather than through more bureaucratic project-application models. 

The success of Phase 2 will also hinge on financial contributions from three orders of government that recognize the varying fiscal capacities. The federal commitment to grow its share to 50 percent for Phase 1 projects was a vital development that must continue in Phase 2. We also underlined the crucial importance of provinces and territories contributing their traditional one-third share of infrastructure investments.

I am encouraged by today's conversation. On behalf of the 2,000 municipalities FCM represents, I would like to thank Minister Sohi for his vision and leadership. Our presence at this meeting reflects the kind of constructive cooperation Canadians want to see among orders of government. I would also like to thank Minister Sohi and our provincial and territorial ministers responsible for infrastructure for their partnership. At this critical stage, we must work together to ensure that this nation-building plan delivers on its bold promise to Canadians."

FCM is the national voice of municipal government. The municipal sector was represented at the meeting by mayors from cities and communities of all sizes and from every region of the country.

Pam Foster, Media Relations

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