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Statement by FCM President Raymond Louie following a keynote speech by Conservative Party Infrastructure and Communities Critic Dianne Watts, at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Annual Conference (03/06/2016)

The following statement was issued by FCM President Raymond Louie following the keynote address delivered by Conservative Party of Canada MP Dianne Watts to FCM's Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on June 3, 2016:

"As President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I want to thank MP Dianne Watts for her address to the 1,600 municipal mayors, councillors, and other delegates attending our Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

As a former municipal councillor and mayor, Ms. Watts certainly understands and values the role of local governments in delivering priority services for Canadians, and in providing leadership on national issues.

In her role as the Official Opposition Critic for Infrastructure and Communities, Ms. Watts is an effective advocate for infrastructure investments, and her experience and knowledge of local realities is valuable to the federal-municipal partnership that is crucial to building great communities and, by extension, a great nation.

As municipal leaders, we know the importance of working with all federal partners to grow our economy and improve the lives of Canadians. We look forward to continuing a close collaboration with the Conservative Party of Canada to address our shared priorities, and the priorities of all Canadians in the months and years to come."

Page Updated: 03/06/2016