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Statement from FCM President on the Liberal Party's announcement (27/08/2015)

Statement from FCM President Raymond Louie on the Liberal Party of Canada's proposed infrastructure investments:

"Today's announcement by the Liberal Party of Canada has the potential to meaningfully improve the quality of life of Canadians in cities and communities across the country. It also recognizes that municipalities need to be at the centre of any plan to build a stronger economy. We agree that every dollar spent on public infrastructure grows and makes our economy more competitive. Every dollar spent returns at least $1.20 to the economy. Every dollar spent on housing returns $1.40. These are smart investments. And investments of the scale proposed today will create jobs, strengthen the economy, and make our communities more resilient. The details of the funding mechanisms and sources are critical. We are encouraged to hear a commitment to work with municipalities moving forward."

Page Updated: 27/08/2015