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Immigrant arrivals

Immigrant arrivals

Some non-metro census divisions (CDs) are successful in attracting immigrants.

  • In 2012, the top three non-metro census divisions in terms of the number of immigrant arrivals per 100 inhabitants were:
  • Queens County (PEI) (includes Charlottetown) with 1,335 immigrant arrivals (1.6 immigrants per 100 residents;
  • Manitoba CD #7 (includes Brandon) with 735 immigrant arrivals (1.2 immigrants per 100 residents); and
  • Saskatchewan CD #3 (includes Assiniboia) with 135 immigrant arrivals (1.1 immigrants per 100 residents).


Metro refers to residents of Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs). CMAs have 50,000 or more in the built-up core (100,000 or more prior to 2006) and includes all neighbouring towns and municipalities where 50 percent or more of the workforce commutes to the built-up core.

Non-metro refers to the residents outside CMAs.

A census division (CD) is a group of census subdivisions (which are incorporated towns, incorporated municipalities or equivalent) that are counties, MRCs, regional districts or, for some provinces, a CD is a grouping of census subdivisions for statistical purposes (as in Newfoundland and Labrador and in the three Prairie Provinces).

Page Updated: 26/04/2018