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Northern and Remote

The Issue

Northern and Remote

Canada's northern and remote communities are integral to our social and cultural fabric, as well as to our economic prosperity. What's more, Canada's North and its communities are creating sustainable development strategies to support economic diversification. Their success depends on more public infrastructure to connect them to the rest of Canada-and to each other.

Local governments are proposing solutions that will grow the economy, better connect communities and improve the quality of life for all.

A strong federal partnership will help create jobs, address the high cost of living, maintain and expand housing options, and make infrastructure more resilient to a changing climate.

Working in partnership with the municipal sector, the federal government must:

  • Increase the predictability and streamline the approval process of federal investments in municipal infrastructure, taking into consideration the perspective of northern and remote communities.
  • Protect federal investments in affordable housing solutions, including sustaining existing social housing units and a supplementary long-term Northern Affordable Housing Program focused on communities affected by resource development.
  • Ensure that northern and remote communities have equal access to high speed Internet to support economic development and help motivate young people to stay in their home communities.
  • Develop a plan to ensure that northern and remote communities have the capacity to cope with extreme weather and climate change, while protecting the environment and providing clean water.


FCM Resources

Northern and remote communities - Budget 2016 Northern broadband Rail Safety

Strong Northern and Remote Communities

FCM recommendations for federal budget 2016. 

Available in Inuktitut.

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Federal Assessment Processes

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Northern Cost of Living Northern Housing Northern Infrastructure


Quick Facts


The number of people living in Canada's three territories, as well as in the northern regions of half a dozen provinces. Most live in small, isolated communities.

Source: Ken Coates and Greg Poelzer, On the Front Lines of Canada's Northern Strategy, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, 2010.


The approximate number of years that people have lived in Canada's North.

Source: Josh Kerr, 26 must know, should know facts about Canada's North, Globe and Mail, January 16, 2014.

$7 billion

The amount of money that Northern Canada contributes to our economy.

Source: Josh Kerr, 26 must know, should know facts about Canada's North, Globe and Mail, January.

Twice as fast

The rate at which temperatures in the north are rising due to climate change, compared to southern regions.

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Arctic Report Card, 2014.
Page Updated: 18/04/2017