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International Trade and Cooperation

The Issue

Housing Affordability

Canadian municipalities are globally connected. They are involved in a range of multilateral networks addressing global challenges like climate change and disaster risk reduction. Across Canada, cities and communities have partnered with the federal government to play a leadership role on the international stage, helping to solve practical problems confronting communities in emerging economies and developing countries.

Municipalities of all sizes across Canada benefit from and contribute to Canada's international trade activities. They are a key part of Canada's ability to promote two-way trade and investment, and essential hubs of economic activity, as well as environmental and social innovation.

Working in partnership with the municipal sector, the federal government must:

  • Continue to enhance the existing partnership between municipalities and the federal government in shaping and advancing Canada's international development and trade objectives.
  • Take into account the impacts of trade agreements - notably the Canada-EU Comprehensive Trade Agreement -on municipal operations.
  • Respect FCM's principles on free and fair trade when negotiating new international trade agreements.
  • Strengthen Canada's economy and competitiveness by leveraging the existing networks and ability of municipalities to attract trade and investment. 

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The number of developing countries in which FCM works to create more inclusive, prosperous and secure communities.

Source: FCM International


Cities have formed the Consider Canada Alliance to work together to attract new trade and investment.

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