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FCM Task Force on Refugee Resettlement

FCM Task Force on Refugee Resettlement


Government of Canada announcement: Communities invited to apply to show how they can welcome and support Government-Assisted Refugees

What can I do?

Local governments and citizens in communities of all sizes play an essential role in welcoming and resettling thousands of Syrian refugees.  Here are some examples of community initiatives and useful links.

As an elected official

  • Québec City's multiethnic centre is responsible for the resettlement of government sponsored refugees. Services include providing temporary and permanent housing to newcomers as well as integrating children into the city's school system (in original language).

Create a hub for local information on donations, sponsorship and support services


  • The City of Toronto's web portal for resettlement services includes a welcome letter from Mayor John Tory as well as information on health care, housing and employment. City of Toronto social service agency launches H.O.M.E., encouraging residents to donate housing, goods and services. Other cities, such as the City of Gatineau, are also organizing donation drives.
  • The City of Vancouver is continuing to provide information on how citizens can help.
  • The City of Montreal's web portal includes a hotline for citizens and newcomers. 
  • The cities of Greater Sudbury, London and Gatineau (in language of origin) created information hubs for organizations and individuals interested in participating in sponsorship or other resettlement efforts.
  • Together with community groups and citizens, the City of Ottawa launched Refugee 613 and United for Refugees to share information and coordinate efforts.

Convey messages of welcome and solidarity


  •  Mayor Naheed Nenshi challenges Calgarians to "Open Our Arms" to refugees.

  • Many municipalities are hosting welcome receptions and offering welcome packages to new arrivals including free transit passes and discounted recreation fees, for example.

As a citizen or community group

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Page Updated: 05/10/2017