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Building Canada, community by community

Public infrastructure is the foundation on which our communities and country are built. Good roads, bridges and water systems are just some of the infrastructure that is essential to our quality of life. Across Canada, municipal governments own nearly two thirds of the public infrastructure that builds our communities and drives the economy.

Thanks to strong advocacy by FCM and local governments, the long-term federal Investing in Canada plan is helping to build visionary public transit, safe roads and green infrastructure. This is a huge opportunity for municipalities: $180 billion over 12 years, including $2 billion specifically available to rural communities.

Municipalities helped shape the program's design and are now partnering to deliver local solutions to national challenges, from economic growth to climate change to social inclusion. Fundamentally, Investing in Canada recognizes that cities and communities are this country's hubs of growth and innovation.

They are the places where families grow, innovation happens, talented workers gather and businesses expand. And with new tools, local governments are ready to do even more to build tomorrow's Canada.

Do you represent or work for a municipality? Find out how you can access new federal infrastructure funds to build your community.

Accessing federal infrastructure funding: what you need to do

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Page Updated: 08/08/2018