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Budget 2017 — A game-changer for cities and communities

Federal Budget 2017

Budget 2017, released March 22, empowers local governments to deliver more of the outcomes that Canadians want: economic growth, shorter commutes, more affordable housing, and action on climate change.

Local governments have a track-record of delivering local solutions to national challenges. With more tools in local hands, we're ready to build a stronger Canada — by building more livable, competitive communities from coast to coast to coast.

What does this budget do for cities and communities?

  • It launches the next era of public transit by offering cities the predictable allocations they need to kick- start major expansions. This will mean shorter commutes, higher productivity, lower emissions — and more vibrant, livable cities that attract tomorrow's best and brightest.
  • It offers significant housing investment and a real opportunity to address Canada's housing crisis. By committing $11.2 billion for affordable and social housing, the federal government has re-engaged in a big way in ensuring that every Canadian can find a decent, affordable home.
  • It brings growth to rural, northern and remote communities. This budget means better infrastructure, inclusive growth, and a better quality of life for millions of Canadians who live in smaller and remote communities.
  • It starts to address climate change at the local level. This budget prioritizes climate change, and we'll be looking to ensure investment will flow for local projects — to reduce climate-changing emissions, adapt to new weather extremes and support other environmental priorities.

Delivering for Canadians

This budget caps years of unprecedented advocacy work by FCM and by municipal leaders across the country. These new investments in local infrastructure will generate significant economic growth, while improving our quality of life in communities of all sizes.

As we celebrate this 150th year of Confederation, we're ready to get to work building an even better Canada for generations to come.

Page Updated: 08/11/2017