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Past Webinars and Workshops

Webinars are free, interactive, web-based workshops designed to inform and inspire you from the comfort of your home or office. Watch the video recordings and listen along to the presentations for past webinars.

Summaries and presentations from past workshops are also included.

  • Green Municipal Fund — Funding Webinars

    Green Municipal Fund — Funding Webinars

    Watch our webinar recordings to learn about eligibility and funding, such as grants and loans, from FCM's Green Municipal Fund for sustainability projects in your community.
  • Brownfields


    Revitalize your municipality and bring valuable contaminated sites back into productive use with these interactive web-based workshops on brownfield planning, remediation and redevelopment approaches.
  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    Find out how communities across Canada are mitigating climate change, reducing GHGs and investing in sustainable municipal infrastructure.
  • Energy


    Learn how more and more municipalities are leading the way in energy efficiency and achieving environmental, economic and social benefits through renewable energy, net-zero buildings, district energy systems and more.
  • FCM Innovation Network

    FCM Innovation Network

    Webinars presented by FCM's Innovation Network
  • First Nation – Municipal Collaboration

    First Nation – Municipal Collaboration

    These webinars focus on some of the many aspects of joint collaboration between First Nations and municipalities, and the ways to make it grow.
  • Planning


    Plan your community's path to sustainability with the help of our past workshops and webinars on topics such as project financing, green building policies, land use and integrated neighbourhood planning.
  • Transportation


    From active transportation and public transit, to green municipal fleets and complete streets — steer your way to sustainable transportation with these webinars and workshops on a range of topics.
  • Waste


    Build your municipality's capacity to set and achieve waste diversion targets with these interactive web-based workshops featuring success stories on municipal waste management from coast to coast to coast.
  • Water


    Learn from the experiences of Canadian communities — among the highest per capita water consumers in the world — in conserving our most precious resource and most valuable asset.
  • International


    Learn more about how we work with partners overseas to find solutions to practical problems, promote economic development and encourage citizen participation.
  • Women in Local Government

    Women in Local Government

    Why should women enter municipal politics? With women at the table, their issues are more likely to be included in all political discussions. Women also take a different approach to the process and to policy content.
Page Updated: 13/02/2018