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FCM’s Sustainable Communities Conference: where innovation meets action

Greening Our Events

FCM is committed to making our events as beneficial as possible for the environment and the local economy. FCM makes every effort to be a leader in the area of sustainability by developing new strategies for the way we plan and execute all of our activities.

Recent Highlights

FCM partnered with the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, ON, in an effort to make FCM's 2017 Annual Conference and Trade Show the most environmentally sustainable FCM conference yet. Some of the most notable successes include:

  • 75% of waste generated at the Shaw Centre during the FCM conference was diverted from landfill through offsite composting, recycling and donations.
  • All reusable leftover food and materials were donated to community partners.

Our Actions

Here are some examples of the steps we are taking whenever possible to achieve this goal:


  • Selecting conference venues with existing green practices and sustainability programs
  • Working with host venues to minimize the environmental impact of our events
  • Choosing hotels and amenities that are in close proximity to our events, to reduce travel distances and encourage the use of sustainable transportation
  • Reducing paper consumption by:

    • favouring electronic communication materials to promote our events
    • providing electronic platforms to access our programs and meeting materials (web app and website) to limit the amount of printed materials in delegate packages
    • Printing all materials on recycled paper
  • Encouraging our delegates in the registration form to purchase carbon offsets to compensate their travel emissions
  • Favouring local speakers and suppliers as much as possible

During the Conference


  • Making recycling stations available to delegates throughout the conference
  • Minimizing photocopying
  • Reusing signage
  • Providing pitchers of water instead of bottled water
  • Using bulk food supplies instead of individually wrapped packets, i.e. bowls of sugar cubes instead of packets
  • Reducing the use of disposable plates, cups, utensils and napkins
  • Encouraging trade show exhibitors to minimize paper and other handouts
  • Donating leftover supplies and promotional items to schools or charity organizations

Local Economy

  • Favouring local, seasonal and sustainable menu items
  • Using local, environmentally friendly suppliers

Energy & Transportation

  • Turning off lights and shutting down electronics in support rooms at the end of each day
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for our energy use within the conference venue
  • Encouraging walking tours and active transportation to move from one conference site to another
  • Encouraging hybrid bus options (when possible) for study tours and bus transportation

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Tracking environmental performance indicators, such as the volume of waste produced


  • Making post-presentation materials available electronically instead of providing hard copies
  • Analyzing the environmental impact of our events and identifying opportunities for improvement

FCM is a proud partner of carbonzero, an organization dedicated to reducing Canada's carbon (GHG) emissions and stopping climate change worldwide. Carbonzero is pleased to be the carbon offset provider for delegate travel (voluntary) and venue energy usage for FCM events.

Page Updated: 01/02/2018