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    Senior Manager, Program Services Unit (PSU)

    Please apply by Sunday, January 14, 2018

    Salary band:$102,300 $ - $135,500
    Department:FCM Programs
    Language:Bilingual; English and French

    Major Purpose:

    Reporting to the Executive Director, FCM Programs, the Senior Manager, Program Services Unit (PSU) is accountable for the strategic management of the Program Services Unit.  The incumbent ensures that the PSU develops standard approaches, tools and processes for knowledge development and mobilization; monitoring, evaluation and learning; operations; departmental change management processes, and mobilization of municipal expertise.  The incumbent oversees the provision of high-quality departmental and project-specific services, tools and approaches that support consistency across projects and contribute to increased inter-project collaboration and synergy, leading to more effective, innovative and high quality projects.  The incumbent acts as the key FCMP senior liaison with FCM's corporate services. The incumbent ensures PSU services are strongly aligned with the departmental overall goals and objectives and with FCM's overall vision, priorities, and strategic plans, and contributes to position FCM as an effective and leading learning organization in programming at the municipal level.

    The incumbent represents FCM Programs in general liaison and operations related discussions with senior officials within the federal government and with FCM's corporate services and donor networks. Finally, the incumbent supports the development and implementation of FCM Programs' vision and strategies through an active participation on the FCM Program Departmental Management Committee (DMC).

    FCM aspires to be an organization that is deeply respectful, collaborative, empowering and transparent in our work.  As the national association for municipal government, FCM is committed to strengthening Canada by achieving results for Canadian communities, cities and workplace, and by sharing knowledge and experience on the world's stage, so that others may improve the quality of life in their communities.  All senior leaders in the organization are expected to lead in a manner that embraces these values, the corporate culture and the passion for FCM's mission.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Strategic Direction for Departmental and Project-Specific Services:

    • Provides strategic direction and determines priorities for department-wide services and approaches in a number of key areas such as: knowledge management; monitoring and evaluation; mobilization/management of municipal experts; operations and administrative systems; and organizational changes, to ensure consistency across projects and overall  departmental effectiveness;
    • Acts as senior liaison and develops a co-management approach with corporate departments/units (Communications, HR and Corporate Services (including Legal services, IT and Finance), which deliver services to FCM Programs, and with their collaboration and that of program teams, determines the strategic priorities for corporate services for FCM Programs;
    • In collaboration with the Director of Finance and Directors of Programs, revisit/assess to role of the PSU in the context of current organizational changes within FCM to further develop the relevance of the unit, and ensure the sustainability of PSU services through the development of a cost-sharing business model (level of effort) that determines the financial contribution of projects to the PSU human resources costs;
    • Accountable for the development of the cross-departmental (EDO-PSU-Communications) project-specific services' annual work plan process, and monitors its implementation while ensuring commitment and collaboration of project teams; and discusses relevant issues with Directors, Programs.

    Departmental Services Quality and Coordination:

    • In collaboration with the Directors of Programs  and Corporate Services' senior managers, monitors and evaluates the use of departmental approaches and tools, standards and methodologies developed by the PSU and FCM corporate services for the FCMP's project teams;
    • Works closely with Directors of Programs to ensure project teams collaborate with the PSU in the development/sharing of new and innovative methods/approaches/tools in knowledge management, municipal expert mobilization and operations;
    • Regularly assesses the quality of departmental services with Directors, Programs and project teams to ensure they are adding value to individual projects but more importantly that they are contributing to more collaboration, cutting-edge approaches and more effective program delivery across the department;
    • Promotes general coordination and knowledge sharing of departmental tools, good practices and experience within FCM Programs, particularly through participation in the FCM Programs Departmental Management Committee (DMC) and other staff committees and facilitates identification/mobilization of thematic expertise across the programs;
    • Ensures that FCM members and partners' expertise and innovative approaches identified and documented by the PSU are adequately mobilized by project teams.

    Organizational Change Management:

    • Contributes to strengthening FCMP as a department by doing an analysis of current organizational practices, and  developing and implementing (or supporting) processes and tools contributing to effective organizational change management (e.g. undertaking a review of the current structure and function of the PSU and FCMP committees' mandate and effectiveness, such as the Extended Executive Director's Committee, and provides options, as needed, to optimize staff participation and input; establishes co-management agreements and routines with various corporate departments providing services to FCMP; etc.)
    • Develops processes and approaches that support a culture of innovation, learning, collaboration and sharing within FCM Programs (e.g. creation of departmental communities of practice; planning of team building events/initiatives to promote collaboration; organization of learning/sharing events across the department; etc.)

    Relationships and Networking:

    • Participates in the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Finance Task Group meetings (or other federal departments task groups as required) with Finance and HR to represent the interests of international projects;
    • Develops a network of organizations and individuals that provide departmental services to projects to learn about service management and sharing of best practices, and to expand FCMP's strategic relationships with other organizations;
    • Ensures PSU members are actively involved in various theme-related networks (Knowledge Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, etc.) to learn and exchange about current trends and practices that will position FCM as a leading learning organization;
    • Manages relationships with Corporate Services to ensure ongoing collaboration with the PSU and to solve potential issues.

    Human Resource and Unit Management:

    • Supervises PSU managers, including work plan development, performance assessments and staff development, and provides direction and guidance to PSU managers in resolving personnel issues where required;
    • Leads on the development of PSU's internal processes, and the organization of regular PSU meetings and semi-annual planning retreats;
    • Provides direction and guidance to the PSU team in resolving complex issues when required;
    • Acts as a back-up to the Executive Director in FCM departmental meetings and external meetings as required.

    Strategies and Program Development:

    • In collaboration with the Executive Director's Office, contributes to new program development by identifying new program opportunities and participating in program development processes (e.g. concept identification, program design, lessons learned from past evaluations, etc.).
    • As a member of the DMC, actively participates in the ongoing development and implementation of FCM Programs and FCM strategic, organizational and operational plans, and ensures projects adhere to common principles, values and strategic directions of FCM.

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • Master's degree in related fields such as public administration, municipal affairs, organizational development, international development, program management or equivalent education or experience.
    • 10-years' experience in operational and strategic management of externally funded projects with minimum 5 years as a member of a senior management team.
    • Strong experience managing multi-disciplinary teams facilitating the provision of horizontal services to project stakeholders.
    • Strong experience in developing and implementing organizational effectiveness strategies
    • Strong experience in human resources management and leadership of integrated teams in a complex environment in an outcome-focused, real-time, client service environment, including experience in successfully managing remote and cross-cultural teams of experienced professionals.
    • Strong business acumen and problem solving skills including budgetary processes, resource allocation, program evaluation, program management, reporting and strategic planning.
    • Good verbal and written communication, interpersonal, negotiation, presentation and influencing skills to deal effectively with internal and external stakeholders and engage them in the projects' vision and mission.
    • A good network of contacts within the not-for-profit and private sectors.
    • Political sensitivity to the municipal world, the relevant institutions of the federal government and provincial governments, as well as knowledge of FCM, its strategic directions and of local government structure is a strong asset.
    • Knowledge and significant working experience in one or more of the key regions of the developing world.


    • The ability to work in both official languages (English and French) is required for this role.  The knowledge of Spanish or other languages is considered an asset.


    • Occasional international travel (1 - 2 times per year) will be required as a function of this role.

    Core Competencies:

    The successful candidate will also exhibit the following competencies:

    • Results Oriented: Committed to achieving results, demonstrating innovation and creativity in overcoming obstacles. Organizes time, work and resources to accomplish objectives in the most effective and efficient way.
    • Client Focus: Making client satisfaction a priority and at the center of all decisions. Providing service excellence to internal and external clients.
    • Teamwork: Contributing to the development of a team environment where team members ultimately achieve established goals.
    • Ethics and Fairness: Treating everyone fairly and equitably and maintaining high ethical standards.

    Please apply by Sunday, January 14, 2018

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