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2011 Planning – Co-winner 1

City of Calgary, Alberta

Plan It Calgary

Starting in 2005, 18,000 citizens of Calgary worked together to envision their future well into the next century. The process that established the city’s long-term vision was called imagineCALGARY. In 2007, city council launched a similar process, known as Plan It Calgary, to integrate land use and mobility plans to guide policies and actions for the next 60 years. The Plan It Calgary initiative set the stage for residents to begin to understand how the city will accommodate both new growth and the needs of its aging residents.

The Plan It Calgary initiative lasted two years and involved some 6,000 Calgarians. Residents were invited to participate in a range of activities, including telephone surveys, town hall meetings, a two-day summit, 10 public open houses, three design-based charettes, and more. Building on the success and processes of imagineCALGARY, Plan It Calgary created a new municipal development plan and transportation plan, which were both passed by city council in September 2009. The city plans to measure the impact of its two new planning documents through a series of indicators and targets, and report on these to residents every three years. The indicators will also help to set business planning priorities and budgets within the city.


  • Plan It Calgary includes 11 sustainability principles and eight key directions pertaining to land use and mobility.
  • Plan It Calgary is expected to ensure that planning, growth, and budgeting decisions are made in a more integrated way.
  • A new committee will bring high-level directors together to plan and budget for the future integrated growth, based on the directions set in the municipal development plan and transportation plan.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015