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2014 Recipients

Outstanding Contribution to International Programs

Capital Regional District, British Columbia

Capital Regional District (CRD) has been involved in FCM's international programs since 2006. The district worked on migrant labour rights in China, municipal revenue generation in Ghana, and local economic development in Tanzania.

CRD's work in the city of Ho, in Ghana is a perfect example of how something as basic to us in Canada as mapping and naming streets can make a big difference. For one thing, giving residents lot numbers and addresses makes it easier for emergency services to find people. The street naming system also means citizens and businesses are now paying property tax from an updated tax roll. Ho has now increased its revenue collection more than forty-fold. This has translated into more municipal projects in priority areas such as public sanitation. Residents can see their tax dollars at work, giving them a sense of ownership of the positive changes happening in their community.


City of London, Ontario

The City of London has been involved in FCM's international programs since 2011, in Ukraine and more recently in the Caribbean.

London's entrepreneurial spirit inspired three of FCM's Ukrainian partners to rebrand their community and adopt new investment attraction strategies. Three other Ukrainian municipalities have opened Small Business Centres that offer training and support to entrepreneurs.  From concept, through start-up and early growth stages of business, the Centres are a one-stop source for information and professional guidance on starting and running a successful business. London is now taking its expertise to the Caribbean, where it's helping shape our local economic development initiatives in Belize, Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica.

Outstanding Contribution to Global Municipal Networks

Margot Begin-Gillis

Truro, Nova Scotia

Margot Begin-Gillis, formerly of Nova Scotia's Colchester Regional Development has been actively involved in both the Municipal Partners for Economic Development program (MPED) in Bolivia and in the Caribbean Local Economic Development program (CARILED). She participated as technical advisor and Local Program Coordinator on behalf of the municipality of Truro, Nova Scotia. 

Ms. Begin Gillis' contribution was instrumental to the folks of Cliza, Bolivia. Thanks to her initial guidance, they are working with the City of Truro on a water management project. Ms. Begin-Gillis used her considerable leadership and people skills to bring universities, NGO's, think thanks and organic farmers together to help Cliza in its efforts to keep its agriculture-based economy alive and thriving. 

Page Updated: 01/05/2018