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Special Rates for FCM Members on Direct Mail and Shipping Services from Canada Post

Why use direct mail to communicate with residents?

Notify residents

Reach them affordably

Target specific areas

Direct mail keeps residents engaged, informed and allows for welcomed communication.


Direct Mail: An Essential Communication Tool for Local Governments 

Reach residents easily, effectively and affordably. Maximize visibility by combining direct mail with other media.

Connect with specific households to inform them of changes or create awareness and drive traffic to your municipal website.

Key messages for your municipal mailings

Projects, notices, schedules

Events and council messages

Bylaw reminders, surveys

Road work projects, snow clearing initiatives, water and sewage notices, city transit projects and changes to schedules.

Messages from councillors or the mayor, community security initiatives and events such as spring cleaning the city or Christmas at City Hall.

Reminder of new or existing bylaws (e.g., winter parking restrictions), library information, surveys or communiqués to engage constituents and get their support for new projects.  

Types of direct mail

Neighbourhood mail

What it is

Send direct mail to targeted neighbourhoods. No need for a mailing list. Target the right residents for each communication based on geography, demographics or business characteristics.

What it can do

Neighbourhood mail can help drive traffic to your website, instead of your call centre.  It's also an effective tool to create awareness of community events, city projects and notifications.

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Expedited ParcelTM  

What it is

A cost-effective ground service for all of your items shipped within Canada. Expedited Parcel is a guaranteed parcel service designed to meet business needs - in a reliable, cost-effective and timely manner.

What it can do

Expedited Parcel is the fast, economical ground service providing quick and cost-effective delivery for Canadians businesses and organizations. You'll move items and reach residents more quickly than with regular ground service while benefiting from the same pricing structure as regular parcel service. Our Expedited Parcel service includes features like tracking, delivery confirmation and up to $100 of liability coverage at no charge.


What it is

A shipping service that gets your items where they need to go — quickly. Xpresspost is a fast, cost-effective service with tracking and on-time guarantees.

What it can do

Xpresspost is a quick and affordable way to send your parcels with flexible delivery options and security features. Whether you are sending time-sensitive documents or looking for fast and competitive shipping options, our XpresspostTM service is the perfect delivery choice.

Contact: Christopher Alain, Postes Canada, T. 613.734.1457.

Page Updated: 12/07/2018