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FCM seeks nominations for the GMF Council

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities seeks new members from the public, academic, environment and private sectors for the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) Council. The council is comprised of 15 members who are recognized as leaders in the federal, municipal and environmental sectors and as innovators and champions of environmental sustainability.

How to express your interest

If you are interested in serving as a member of the GMF Council, please fill out the GMF Council Expression of Interest form. Please also send your resume to Ensure that you complete the form and email your resume to FCM by midnight (EST) on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. All applications will be confidential. Decisions will be made no later than the end of February 2018.

See below for information about the GMF Council and what is involved in being a council member.

About the GMF Council

The GMF Council is comprised of 15 members. One-third of the members are Government of Canada representatives, one-third are municipal elected officials, and one-third are outside members, including representatives from the public, academic, environment and private sectors. Council members are recognized as leaders in the federal, municipal and environmental sectors, and innovators and champions of environmental sustainability. FCM strives to ensure diversity in gender, regions and community sizes among GMF Council members.

Council members' work is supported by their collective, in-depth knowledge of human resources, risk management, accounting and auditing, investment and fund management, the law as it applies to organizations and funds like FCM and GMF, communications, community engagement, capacity building in the Canadian context, and other related business disciplines and practices.

Able to provide a balanced perspective, Council members also exhibit exceptional ethical integrity as they act in the best interests of GMF and FCM. They speak with one voice, are collaborative in approach, and are capable and familiar with fulfilling a governance role for the Fund and its applications, as well as providing an advisory role to FCM's National Board of Directors. Always willing to actively and effectively listen, learn, and develop, they ask challenging questions and exercise sound judgment as they diligently apply themselves to the work of the GMF Council. They proactively make wise, strategic decisions that are based on proven business benchmarks and practices.

Why serve on the GMF Council?

The GMF Council is an integral part of a national sustainable fund that is able to invest in the "best of the best" ideas. Ideas that lead to fresh, innovative sustainable initiatives that result in broad knowledge transfer here in Canada and beyond. Council membership is an opportunity to make a contribution at a strategic level to the environment, the broader community, our planet, and to the generations that will follow. GMF projects will challenge and inspire you as you witness the positive difference they make in communities. As a GMF Council member, you will have an opportunity to develop and share your professional knowledge and expertise, provide strategic leadership, and know that what you do matters.

About the available GMF Council positions

The GMF Council is seeking new members from the public, academic, environment and private sectors who demonstrate:

  • The depth and strength of character that are fundamental to effective boardroom culture
  • The ability to think independently, act in the best interests of GMF, and be free from any real or perceived conflicts of interest
  • The appetite, and ability, to participate actively in the Council's work
  • Proven general business skills and experience
  • Proven governance skills and experience 

Skills set and industry experience

In addition to the above, Council members are recognized as leaders in their particular industry sector with a balanced outlook and commitment, not sector lobbyists or advocates for particular organizations or special interests. GMF is seeking candidates who demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Proven entrepreneurial approaches in the sustainability space
  • Proven experience with developing innovative solutions in the sustainability ecosystem
  • Proven expertise with adopting new and/or emerging clean technologies
  • Proven experience with project implementation/construction of sustainable infrastructure
  • Proven industry experience in the one or more of the following GMF-funded sectors:

    • Energy (energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, waste energy recovery)
    • Water (improving water quality and reducing water use)
    • Waste (reducing landfill use and increasing diversion of waste materials)
    • Integrated projects (community planning and development projects integrating one or more activities related to energy, transportation, water, waste, and brownfields)


The GMF Council meets approximately 10 times per year. This includes 4 face-to-face meetings, usually held in Ottawa, and approximately 6 meetings held by electronic means. The three Council Committees—Audit, Investment and Governance—generally meet three to four times a year, prior to Council meetings, with some of these meetings being held also via electronic means.

A calendar of all meeting dates will be established at the beginning of each year. Occasional ad hoc meetings may be held by telephone or web conference. Members agree to participate in such calls wherever possible, to ensure a quorum.

Attendance is expected at all scheduled Council meetings.

All Council members are expected to follow the Confidentiality, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies of the GMF and will be asked to sign these agreements annually.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does GMF compensate Council members for their time or efforts on behalf of the Fund?

  • Yes. The current honorarium is a $350 per diem per web meeting and $700 per face-to-face meeting. GMF staff is available to assist with travel arrangements, including purchase of airline tickets.

2. Are out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed?

  • Expenses incurred for traveling (airfare, taxi, personal mileage) to a Council meeting will be reimbursed, upon request, and upon presentation of appropriate receipts. GMF staff will arrange for direct billing for hotel accommodations and meals are provided during meetings.  

3. What technological skills are required?

  • Council members are expected to be competent in the use of computers (e.g. able to access email and secure intranet sites, attend web meetings, and to download and print documents.)

4. How long is a commitment to serve?

  • A Council member's term is typically two to three years, with a maximum of 6 years of service.
Page Updated: 16/01/2018