Municipalities are the most dynamic and innovative order of government in Canada. Being on the front lines of Canadians’ daily lives means that municipal leaders must be constantly responsive to new challenge and opportunities as they arise. That responsibility means we must constantly be learning and seeking new partnerships.

That’s why FCM is proud to present our newest webinar series: Collective. Through this monthly series, we will bring to you in-depth conversations and discussions designed to connect you to the latest thinking around some of the most pressing challenges in Canadian municipal life.

These new connections—delivered alongside partners from the most cutting-edge leaders in the private sector—will help you re-examine your community’s needs and develop new solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Join us every month as we present a moderated discussion with a wide array of panelists, and take your questions.

Webinar: Strength and innovation in rural Canada


Presented in collaboration with Egg Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

Egg Farmers of CanadaChicken Farmers of CanadaTurkey Farmers of CanadaCanadian Hatching Egg Producers

Municipal leaders know that Rural Communities are a source of some of Canada’s best innovation. Rural Communities are at the cutting edge of new technologies in agriculture, food production, environmental protection, and in finding solutions through community collaboration.

FCM’s next edition of the Collective Webinar series will focus on Rural Canada’s leadership in innovation and collaboration, finding new avenues for economic growth, and environmental stewardship.

Our discussion will cover

  • How Canada’s rural communities are innovating every day to strengthen Canada [Innovation and perseverance]
  • Where rural communities can explore right now for the greatest economic growth potential [Economic growth]
  • New and emerging best practices for environmental stewardship in rural communities [Climate change and the natural environment]


Catherine Clark: President, Catherine Clark Communications

Catherine Clark is a nationally respected broadcaster, emcee and the President of Catherine Clark Communications, providing strategic communications advice to individuals, institutions and corporations.

Catherine is co-founder of The Honest Talk, a popular new podcast featuring frank discussions with notable women, writes the Giving Back column for Ottawa at Home Magazine profiling citizens working to make their community better for all, and serves on the boards of The Writers’ Trust of Canada, CARE Canada and CARE International in Kenya.



Tim Lambert: CEO, Egg Farmers of Canada, President, World Egg Organisation

Tim Lambert has led the Canadian egg industry through a period of unprecedented growth as Chief Executive Officer of Egg Farmers of Canada. He is passionate about sustainable food systems, building public trust, and helping more people in Canada and around the world access the incredible nutrition and protein found in eggs.

A graduate from the University of Guelph with an Honours degree in Animal and Poultry Science, Mr. Lambert has worked his entire career in agriculture. He has held roles at Ontario Swine Improvement and Beef Improvement Ontario as well with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture’s genetic improvement programs.

Mr. Lambert is a founding Trustee of the International Egg Foundation and is currently the Chair. From 2017 to 2019, he served as Chair of the International Egg Commission and currently fulfils the role as President of the World Egg Organisation. He also served as the Chair of the Heart for Africa (Canada) Board of Directors and Foundation 2016 to 2019 and is a past-member of the Egg Industry Center Board of Advisors. Most recently, Tim was named among the top 50 industry leaders in Canadian agriculture.

Tim was awarded the University of Guelph's prestigious Alumni of Honour award in 2018 for his professional and volunteer contributions both nationally and globally.

Kathryn Doan: Turkey Farmer

Kathryn Doan is a farmer, business professional, community volunteer and family focused mom where she is passionate about agriculture & food, connecting people, and developing strong relationships in the food value chain as part of developing strong rural communities. As a first-generation turkey & crop farmer in South Western Ontario with her husband Clair and their four children, she has been focused and committed to growing and developing the career solutions business’ that provide Talent Solutions for individuals and business’ across the globe.

Kathryn is Director of & group of businesses and has been a key member of the business for more than 17 years. Kathryn contributes to the collective group of Talent Solution businesses through identifying and focusing on strategy, team development and client relationships, working virtually with the corporate office in Guelph, Ontario.

Outside work, Kathryn is Chairperson of the Board for AgScape, a registered charity focused classroom-based agriculture & food education. She also served as a volunteer chairperson and liaison for fundraising 100k+, developing, and installing an expansive outdoor enhancement project & classroom at her children’s elementary school.

At home, Kathryn is a farmer in Norwich, Ontario focusing on turkey production and field crops and takes every opportunity to leverage the hashtag #TalkTurkeyToMe as a passionate advocate for promoting the goodness of local food, especially how it pertains to healthy diets as a mother of four girls. Kathryn is passionate to advocate on behalf of farmers and agriculture & food business’ across Canada, with the goal of connecting people to the career opportunities in our full value chain from farm to fork.

Paul McLauchlin: RMA President & WEST Vice Chair

Paul McLauchlin is a professional biologist and has been an environmental scientist and consultant for over 26 years. He is a fourth term county councillor and is currently the Reeve of Ponoka County and the President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta. Concurrently, into his fourteenth year, he is the facilitator for the Battle Lake Watershed Synergy Group which is a mechanism for resource developers (Oil and Gas) and communities to discuss issues, concerns, and mutually beneficial development goals.

Mr. McLauchlin works as a Field Biologist, an Environmental Scientist, in public consultation/communication and as a resource/conservation management specialist. His consulting business concentrates in the areas of project management, multi-stakeholder programs, predevelopment assessment and public consultation for large and medium scale resource and energy projects.

Mr. McLauchlin holds an MBA in Finance with the University of Leicester that researched the barriers and motives of renewable investment of households in rural Alberta. His office is a hyper energy efficient, net positive, standalone building on his farm where he and his wife Melinda grow amazing quality hay for the equine market in their spare time. He has bees too!

Mayor David Mitchell: Town of Bridgewater

David Mitchell was first drawn to municipal politics to provide a voice for young, active families that he felt was absent from municipal government. With the support of his wife Trina and their three children, he served two terms as a Bridgewater town councillor (2004 to 2012). After a four-year hiatus to pursue other opportunities, David was elected as the town’s 26th mayor in 2016. He was acclaimed in September 2020 to a second term as mayor.

Over the course of his tenure in municipal governance, David has been at the forefront of many key initiatives that have helped drive Bridgewater to become the strong centre of economic, social, and sustainable leadership that it is today. Known for his willingness to speak up and respected as one to never mince words, David has a reputation as one to get things done.

During his term as mayor, David championed the introduction of public transit to Bridgewater, something that has been a success beyond established targets and expectations. In his role as mayor he has championed many important projects and fostered new relationships to take Bridgewater to the next level, as evidenced in the Smart Cities Challenge win, newly established relationships with C40 and as a board member for the International Network of Michelin Cities.

David believes strongly in empowering his community to feel a renewed sense of pride and has gained tremendous respect as an encourager of people. His refreshing approach to leadership brings people together at all levels of government and has helped to achieve unprecedented project cooperation and investment. He has been proud to helm a Council that places a premium value on Bridgewater's sustainable initiatives to work towards the elimination of energy poverty and sees a need for municipalities to take a leadership role when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

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