This video is Part III in the Climate in Focus series.

You want to develop a climate action plan that responds and adapts to the unique needs of your community. But you know you can’t do it alone. You rely on the expertise and creativity of local business, academia and community organizations to create a more sustainable future. How can you work with and equip these community partners, and mutually benefit? Watch this video to learn more.

Watch this video to learn:  

  • How applying a climate lens can propel action across sectors in your community
  • The importance of working with local businesses, academia and the not-for-profit sector to bring together an effective climate approach
  • Climate considerations and approaches for diverse populations  
  • How municipalities can lead by example by sharing climate action benefits

Watch: A Plan for Action


Resources mentioned in the video
Check out these resources mentioned in the Climate in Focus video you just watched:
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Learning journey: Climate resilience and asset management

Discover how your community can combine its climate action and asset management approaches, with our learning journey. Watch a video and read our easy-to-understand factsheets and guide.

small park featuring dock and pond
Green development standards for growing communities

Is your community looking to create green development standards? Read our case study and access helpful resources.

Paperwork and hands on a table
Municipal Climate Action Hub

Learn how your local government can reduce emissions and build community resilience. Take the Mitigation maturity assessment quiz and Adaptation maturity assessment quiz. 


Calculator and papers on a desk
BC Leaders Climate Playbook

The playbook includes facts, a vision, and strategies designed specifically for local government elected officials who want to lead and support bold, timely climate action in their community.

female entrepreneur
Assessing the state of climate action in Ontario municipalities

Check out the Clean Air Partnership’s report on climate action in Ontario. This report was created using self-reporting from 14 local governments and interviews. It reveals barriers and strategies for success.

Watch the Climate in Focus video series
This video is part of the Climate in Focus video series. Check out all the other videos in the series to learn how your municipality can take climate action.
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Watch this video to understand how engaging local community organizations and other municipalities in your region can ensure the success of your climate action plan.

Climate In Focus—Part II: Getting Started.
Previous video: Getting Started

Watch this video to learn how to define a vision for your community and where to find local and regional data about climate impacts on your community.

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For more information on climate action funding, resources and training, please visit FCM’s Green Municipal Fund. For more information on asset management and climate resilience grants, training and resources please visit FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program.

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